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  1. Wow this is old, still relevant, especially in Glasgow, this kind of underground gay scene. A lot of places don’t need it now.

  2. Due to the dialect, I find it hard to follow what’s being said… however the face and body language makes you understand them a bit better…
    picture quality makes me believe this is end 80’s early 90’s material, whether it’s still going on or not… boys like that should not need to be a prostitute… (they shouldn’t have the choice, there’s enough people that want more then just sex)

  3. I remember watching this documentary. While the two of them really were rent boys some scenes were staged (such as when a “client” picks one of them up) Still it’s relevant and an interesting watch, I guess it shows how much things have changed since the mid/late-90s when this was first broadcast

  4. I too found the dialect hard to understand, but it’s an interesting piece. There doesn’t seem to be much that is “underground” about this. It’s all very plain and out in the open. The boys aren’t that young either and seem hardly our of place in the cabaret-bar.

    I find the boy with the brown hair very attractive, but both of them seem very pleasant. I know not too many years ago any boys like this in any major city in the world wouldn’t find it hard to link up with an older guy who would take him under his wing. It wasn’t clear to me where these boys lived. With each other? Or with relatives? On the streets?

    I didn’t get the impression that they were very upset with the idea of having sex for money, but since I couldn’t make out a great deal of the dialog, I can’t say for sure. They certainly seemed very comfortable with the scene.

    One thing that struck me was how deserted the streets of the city appear to be. In all the cities of the world where I have seen male prostitutes, they would gravitate to areas that were more crowded, such as train and bus stations or streets where the evidence of other boys was more evident.

    I wonder if a great deal of this linking up process now takes place on the internet. I would find that a total bore. I like activity and interactions that take place on the streets. But overall, I have no particular reaction to the film, other than finding it very easy to identify with the boys who as I said appear to be very pleasant people.

    1. not just the dialect made it hard to understand, the sound is very poorly recorded, the background noise is as loud, and sometimes, louder then the talking, if you aren’t real familiar with the accent then all it is is mumbling. These boys seem awfully clean for street kids, but that could be because the people making the movie paid them for their parts in it

  5. If you still like the feel of a street scene like this you can find it in places such as Bali, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and parts of Malaysia.

    It’s nice to make contacts walking around in parks, in street cafes and on the streets in general. In most of these places I have mentioned, it is also the older guys who fare better with the boys since in Asia the bias is in favour of older men. That is what the boys are looking for and find desirable, for the most part.

    I always have to laugh when good looking guys in their 20s, who think they are hot shit, are totally ignored in SE Asia by almost all the good looking boys.

    1. That’s probably got more to do with the fact that most young guys I came across in SE Asia were backpackers, with little money to spare. The boys know this and generally, I imagine, prefer older guys because they have money…

  6. Wow! Thailand! Yes! Yes! Yes! Beautiful young boys everywhere, all smiling and hot, hot, hot.

      1. @reader123
        You find beautiful, smiling, hot boys creepy? Weird that you come to this site.

    1. Yes, it is.

      I’m not entirely sure if this still goes on, I know of the renting is still going on in Glasgow (I stay in Glasgow) but it’s more organised and is not so much walking around the streets looking for people.

  7. The blond is cute, but it is sad that he was reduced to this. I wonder what he is doing for a living now?

  8. Both the boys in this were relatively cute. I couldn’t understand a single word the dark haired one said, at least I could understand the blond.

    Got to say though the blond was better looking as a boy than as a girl.

  9. Years ago when I was a training manager for a well-known fast-food chain, I had a teenage boy (high school sophomore) working in my store who hooked on the side. We had a couple of long conversations about his actions, it was clear he was just gay-for-pay, and he was saving up for the college education his parents could never afford. He finally quit but kept in touch (no, not ‘touch’). A few years after he strolled into my store and we talked again. He graduated from high school and was now in college. He had made and saved over $100K, tax free, and if you saw him you’d know why – he was irresistbly handsome, and from the package visible thru his jeans, hung like a dinosaur. Anyway, he is now living his dream as a successful conductor-composer-arranger in New York.

    Sometimes ya just gotta do whatcha gotta do.

    1. I’ve known a lot of boys who have had sex for money and I can’t remember hearing any horror stories. In fact, a lot of these boys met some very interesting older guys who were able to help them with their careers as they got older.
      It’s a pity so many people take a dim view of these activities because in so many cases, as you have pointed out horselips, they lead to some great opportunities that otherwise would have been all but impossible.

  10. The documentary was from 1997. BBC 4 got in trouble for this one, because it turned out that the contacts with “clients” on the street were all staged using members of the production crew. I can understand why they did that, but its’ actually against the law to fake a documentary in the UK. Big fines were probably paid, and the producer was banned from the BBC.

  11. DAMN… I thought I was prepared for anything in English after the call center world … but that escaped from my whole experience trying to understand them, anyways I think is a very nice documentary about that word :D

  12. Quite funny reading through the comments, nobody can understand the dialect :P
    Glaswegian is a tough one but i know it fairly well, like i know most British dialects also, although a Glasgow accent comes across as a lot stronger to most.

    Interesting video anyway. If the renting still exists its nothing i’ve seen whenever i’ve visited the city.

  13. Like others here I wish I spoke Scottish, would be nice if a native speaker would transcript it for us.

    Watching this, even not understanding half of what was said, I couldn’t help but think these boys needed a stable home, not money. Well ok, money too… but I would easily open my spare room to a teen in need. Boys should be in school worrying about zits and dates and who they are taking to prom, not about if their next john might be abusive or if they caught an STD.

  14. Stephen:

    Turns out this whole video is a FAKE.
    Here’s the link to the TRUTH:
    Former male prostitute seeks compensation after … – Herald Scotland

    http://www.heraldscotland.com/…/former-male-prostitute-seeks-compensa... – Cached

    TOO bad they took this down. I would liked have to seen it or read it. All that I can do is realize that there are boys (mostly teen boys) who prostitute themselves in the struggle to survive. Though I have never knowingly met anyone who tricked, I do realize that some do. If I had, I think I would have plucked them out of their situation and been a friend to them. Its sad really.

  15. The whole documentary wasn’t faked. The scene where the boys were picked up were faked for dramatic effect, but, having worked as a rent boy, I can tell you that scene shows quite accurately how it would have happened anyhow. It wasn’t so much fake as reconstruction. They merely filmed something they had seen happening the night before with film-crew playing the parts of the genuine clients.

    The filmmakers said they felt uncomfortable filming the boys really getting picked up, even though they witnessed it, and thought the general public would complain that they didn’t intervene, so they re-enacted those particular scenes so as not to be accused on being neglegent. As far as I know, the boy who sought compensation didn’t really want to appear in the film, but was talked into it by his friend, the other boy, so was always going to have issues with the production. If I remember correctly, the other boy went against his friend in the case and sided with the filmmakers.

    It is very difficult, when filming, to get the shots you want, when you know in the back of your mind the audience is going to be saying: “Why didn’t the director or cameraman stop this?” Sometimes it is safer to recreate events. Most documentaries will use actors in certain scenes and state that it is a reconstruction. It was shows like this that gave birth to the docu-drama.

    Becoming a famous rent boy was always going to impact his life. Instead of blaming the filmmakers, perhaps he should have weighed up the odds better before appearing in the show. I’m pretty sure the boy who just appeared in Jamie: Drag Queen At 16 will similarly have his life impacted.

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