Jessie & Sam


Photos by AFK

Jessie and Sam at Jimmy’s place, in San Francisco, California. We all met there in May of 2010 and spent about 5 days hanging out. These are some of the photos we took during the week. Jessie and Sam are now living in Canada and are happily married.


Fanart Friday *3

Kyousuke from the anime Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai


Flower Boys

Art by Kel | More Flower Kittens


Fanart Friday *2

Click him! Do it!

Picture by dream-cup

Finn the Human from Adventure Time who also looks rather rad naked or in Steam Punk and even real and in undies. But don’t fap too much, you’ll never know who’s watching, heh.


Marble Monday *13


Cupid Playing with a Butterfly
by Antoine-Denis Chaudet (1763 – 1810)

Chaudet went to the seine river in Paris to look for a model for this masterpiece. Approaching the young nude Parisian boys swimming. There was a misunderstanding about what he wanted from a nude young boy. This landed him in jail.


Cupid is portrayed as a naked, unarmed adolescent whose sole attributes are his short wings. He seems to be engrossed in an innocent pastime. His amusement is not as harmless as it seems, though; the butterfly allowing itself to be seduced by his rose symbolizes the soul, Psyche in Greek. Imprisoned by Cupid, the soul soon experiences love’s torments rather than its pleasures. The graceful bas-relief friezes on the base develop the theme: if the butterfly tastes the juice of a basket of flowers, it is pinned down by chubby little cupids, one of whom enslaves it by harnessing it to his chariot. But the soul finally triumphs thanks to the bees: infuriated by the arrows shot at their hive, they swarm all over the cheeky imps. These scenes are inspired by the Idylls of Theocritus (3rd century BC), the most famous Greek poet of the Alexandrian era, and the delicateness of the carving expresses all their bucolic charm.


Marble Monday *12

The Helot, 1891 by Wilhelm Kumm


Fanart Friday *1

Fanart for Free! (The Swimming Anime) by


Marble Monday *11

Frans Oscar Teodor Berg, Sculpture of a boy 1878 (one more)


Marble Monday *10


Marble Monday *9