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The Day will come

Football, with all its tribalism and machismos, is not exactly known to be a comfort zone for queer folks. Some progress was made recently—in the lower Swedish leagues or with players coming out after their career—but there’s yet to be an active player who dares to live his life openly and without shame, someone queer kids can look up to, someone straight kids can grow up with, seeing that it doesn’t matter who you love.

Some, alas very few, football clubs and their fan scenes are trying to work towards this day. In Germany that’s mostly left-wing clubs like TeBe Berlin, Roter Stern Leipzig and the FC St. Pauli from Hamburg, Singer & Songwriter Marcus Wiebusch, who’s an active supporter of St. Pauli, recently released a touching music video about this fight:

Marcus Wiebusch – Der Tag wird kommen

For English subtitles please click on the CC icon beneath the video


We are Unstoppable!

Eurovision 2014 is over and the Queen of Europe was crowned (see below) with a clear message to Putin and people like him that you can’t get the queer out of Europe. Sweden came in 3rd, Norway should have gotten a few more points, Poland was quite interesting and Italy gave us an Empress Rome can be proud of ;) Let us know in the comments who you were rooting for!

Conchita Wurst – Rise Like a Phoenix (Austria) 2014 LIVE Eurovision Grand Final