Let’s play a Game

Skip to the 1:00 mark if you’re terribly impatient

Game Of Throne Theme – Sungha Jung

Sungha Jung


Troye Tuesday *9

Heartbreak Girl – 5 Seconds Of Summer (Cover) – Troye Sivan



Goldfrapp made a beautiful video about the relief that comes with being accepted as who you are.

Goldfrapp – Annabel

Submitted by Bechard


Applause for Ronan

Ronan Parke Sings – Applause


Sunrise with Jai

Sunrise – X Factor sensation Jai Waetford

Submitted by Drewy


Jai Waetford

Jai Waetford – The X Factor Australia 2013 – AUDITION [FULL]

Submitted by Green Lust


Move, Ronan!

Ronan’s new video is out and while it’s not his most impressive feat so far it, you know, has Ronan in it. The video doesn’t work in Germany apparently. Let us know in the comments if you found a version of the video that does. Thanks!

Ronan Parke – Move


How to save a Life

How to save a life – The Fray (Marius Gröh Cover)

Submitted by Chris


Sound Sunday *38

Cinematic Orchestra – That Home


Moscow (by Autoheart)

A band has dedicated a new single from its debut album to supporting gay and lesbian people in Russia, and in opposition to recently passed anti-gay laws.

Autoheart – Moscow (Official Music Video)

The track Moscow, by band Autoheart contains a strong message of opposition to the laws, which federally banned homosexual “propaganda”, and which have been widely regarded as a step backwards for LGBT rights in the country. In the description for the video, the band says the lyrics are about the “daft optimism of being in love”, but then goes on to note the passage of the laws.