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Not a pretty Site

As you certainly noticed the blog looks awful at the moment. The latest WordPress update broke the old theme beyond fixing and alas using the old version of WordPress is not an option for security reasons so we had to switch to the default theme for now.

I hope to have the re-launch of the site ready very soon, we’re just waiting for the new board software (should come out any day now) and I need to find some money somewhere to actually pay for the licenses for the board and blog theme. Until then things will look kinda shitty, sorry about that :(



Even after numerous warnings there’s a small number of people who insist on abusing the comment section to fight their own private wars against each other which, frankly, makes moderating comments a pain in the ass. And not the good kind. On top of that we have to deal with people leaving inappropriate & lewd comments, not to mention the ones who think it’s a great idea to publish someone’s personal information.

Trying to keep the comments clean eats up time and energy we’d rather spend working on the re-launch of the site. That’s why I’d like to get your opinion about whether you’d actually miss the comments if we’d disable them altogether.


Thank You <3

I’m happy to be able to announce that we, or rather you, did it indeed :) The server is paid for until May thanks to two incredibly generous donations by milkboys readers tinner and sagitta! This gives us plenty of time to look into alternatives to our current ad-provider.

We were absolutely blown away by the outpour of support from you guys & girls, literally hundreds of people mailed us, left comments, messaged us on Twitter etc to let us know that they want to help out in one way or another (I’ll try to reply to all of them ASAP). It was amazing to see that this little community means so much to so many! Thanks heaps for everything!

We’ll work hard not only to make things work out financially in the future but also to give both the blog and the milkboard a long overdue software and visual refresh, finally add some new features (and tweak the server price!) we were working on for so long. While not as urgent anymore all donations, no matter how small are still welcome of course. Now, let’s get back to work :)

Thanks, you’re the best!


Little Update

Some people have noticed that the pace of posts coming in here slowed down a bit lately. That’s because I’m working on some minor problems with the backend of the server that were bugging me for quite a while now but they turned out to be more time-consuming to fix than expected.

I also started working on this one side-project again that was put aside for way too long due to real-life responsibilities. Anyway, while this might go on for a few more days there will still be at least one post per day.

Meanwhile enjoy this completely random, unrelated video a dear friend sent me last night. A word of warning though, it’s quite dark!



Feed on!

Google has announced that they will shut down Google Reader in a few months. I know that a some thousand people are still using Google Reader to follow our RSS feed so I wanted to make sure that you find a new place to do so before Google takes their reader offline on July 1.

One way to keep updated about milkboys is following us on Twitter. If you don’t like Twitter you can use one of the many alternatives to Google Reader. Quite a few people seem to like Feedly, personally I prefer The Old Reader. Some other companies, like Digg, have also announced that they’re working on a feed reader so there are probably some more going live very soon. Let us know in the comments if you know any other good alternatives.


OK, let’s do this

Considering all the support from you we kinda have to try and get through this. I didn’t want to take donations but you made it clear that this place actually means something to you which means a lot, truly, to us. So, let’s do this then: I talked to the host and they gave us one extra day to stay on so we have until 6 AM CET tomorrow (Thursday) to get the money for the server bill together.

How you can donate

  • PayPal: If you want to use PayPal shoot us a quick message here, we’ll get in touch ASAP
  • BitCoin: You can send us a BitCoin (or less) to 14Y6HPrW9JMrbKqLyE6PXETySYqCYceofr
  • Flattr: A bit slow but anonymous, go here and click our flattr button (some info about flattr)



Goodbye Everyone

As some of you know the server for milkboys costs $300 per month. So far we could pay for that with the ads on the site. Alas the site we get the vast majority of our ad money from is almost three weeks late with their payment by now which means that we couldn’t pay for the server for the next month anymore. Seeing how they were already two weeks late with the last payment I’m not too optimistic about the future regarding their ad-service. If there’s any news about milkboys related projects we’ll let you know @

TL;DR: The server hosting this blog & the milkboard will shut down in 24 hours and most likely not come back. If you want to save your content from the board, you should do so now.

Update: We’re working with the milkboard team to try and keep the site up for at least another month so we have a bit of time to look into alternatives to these ads.

I’d also like to thank our readers and users for all their support over the years and today, you’re amazing and it’s great to know that our little site made your lives a tiny bit better <3


Vacation Time

For the next ~week I’ll be off to some adventures in the land of milk & honey so the post count will go down a bit for a few days but I’ll queue up the daily picture theme days for you. See you, milkies!


5 Years of Milk & Boys!

2007 seems to be awfully far away. The “Web 2.0”, this atrocity of a buzz word, was just getting started and blogs were ruling the internet, for better and for worse. It was also the time when, in late August, milkboys was started in its current form. While blogs are hardly relevant anymore nowadays, sites like Facebook account for almost all time spent online by the average internet user.

milkboys on the other hand is still kicking after five years, making it one of the longest-serving queer youth blogs around :) And of course there are presents to celebrate this! Milo and Dumbledore, two idols of recent milkboys history, kind as they are, provide you with some photos made for the occasion (click on them!).


And we’ll give away a classic (red) milkboys shirt to a random reader leaving a comment under this post. We’ll get in touch with the winner by mail; bonus points if you post a milk(boys)-related photo of yourself with your comment ;) (You can use sites like imgur top host the photo)

We will also, finally, release some updates and new projects many of you were waiting for over the next couple of weeks, so grab some milk & cookies, keep your eyes open and stay fab!


Don’t miss these two on Tumblr! Milo got one here and Dumbledore here!