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Theme Day Poll

Do you have a spare… second? We’d like to know which photo theme days you like best and which not so much. If you have ideas for other theme days we’d be happy to hear about them in the comments. And if you have any photos we should use please mail us! :)

Let me also use this opportunity to give you a quick update about milkboys in general: The music and the video sites are still coming, working on them took longer because there were a couple of things coming up in my life I didn’t expect a year ago (only good things, no worries ;p). Along with these we’ll update the forums which, among other things, means a better gallery and a mobile chat.


About Hateful Comments

I lost count on how many times someone from the blog staff as well as regular readers of the blog had to ask people here to tone down their comments which are way too often personal attacks, sexist or even racist. It doesn’t matter if it’s people saying someone “destroyed his face” because he has piercings or if it’s a ridiculously stupid comment that someone is “past his expiration date”; not to mention the just horrible comments some people leave about everyone who is different from them regarding their race, gender identity or, as absurd as it is on a site like this, sexual preference.

The vast majority of these nasty comments are deleted before they get published or shortly thereafter but we can’t babysit the site 24/7 so the bad stuff you see slipping through every now and then should give you an idea about the unseen amount of hateful remarks not getting through.

I can’t stress the fact enough that more often than you might think the people we feature here actually happen to read the comments left by the readers of this blog. The dad of diving talent Jordan Pisey Windle being just the latest example.

And the same way you wouldn’t walk up to a stranger on the street to tell them how you hate their haircut/body shape/skin colour etc. we ask you to be respectful around here. That you can be somewhat anonymous on the internet doesn’t mean you can be an asshat to everyone.

You would think that people who are part of a minority that is often disrespected and discriminated against would be careful not to repeat the injustice they have to endure. So please be aware that we have rules about leaving comments. This place could be a lot more helpful and supportive for many people if everyone would acknowledge them.



I’d like to offer you a little clarification about Trap Thursdays: Posts under the Trap Thursday category feature both androgynous & cross dressing people and transgendered people.

In case of the former you should understand the “Trap” in the post title in the classical sense: People who are easily mistaken for their “opposite” gender (I put opposite in quotation marks because the whole purpose of these posts is to show that something like hard-coded genders don’t exist and don’t matter because eventually all that matters is that you think a person is beautiful and if you can’t even tell if someone is a boy or a girl or something in-between… why bothering caring then?)

Transgendered people on the other hand aren’t traps since a transgender boy actually is a boy and a transgender girl is a girl, regardless of the gender they were assigned at birth.

So if you see a transgendered person posted as Trap Thursday this doesn’t mean anyone wants to imply they want to trap someone. In these cases please understand “Trap” as “trapped in the wrong body” (when it’s someone who didn’t have sex reassignment surgery yet or doesn’t want to have it) or “having escaped the trap of a wrong body” (when it’s someone who had sex reassignment surgery). OK? :)


Spirit Day

Today, October 20, is Spirit Day. You can wear purple to show your support for queer kids. If you don’t have any purple clothes you  could also make buttons, dye your hair or pubes (well, when you are a part of the minority that didn’t shave them off that is :p), get a bracelet somewhere, use pink nail polish or whatever else you can come up, just be creative! and don’t let THEM win, that’s what counts today.

We’ve also updated the milkboys header image for the occasion (if you can’t see it try pressing CTRL + F5). And, slightly off.-topic, while I was already tinkering with the design of the blog I changed the colour of links in posts to a brighter red since some people mentioned that they were to hard to distinguish from normal text.


Free your Boys

Apparently some visitors from Singapore are having problems seeing the pictures posted here. This might be due to censorship by their ISP. Things like that happen and happened before in some other countries like Iran and China as well.

If you think your internet provider is censoring milkboys or parts of it or if you’re living in a country where visiting sites which are legal in most parts of the world might get you in trouble there are two things you can do to avoid annoyances and trouble.

Thanks to Martin for the Photo

Bypassing Censorship
Most countries are censoring websites by redirecting your browser to another IP when you type in a certain domain. You can bypass this by using another DNS provider like OpenDNS. The only requirement to do this is that you have direct access to your router. Don’t worry if all this sounds complicated to you, the whole process will take just 2 minutes and is explained in detail here.

Staying Anonymous
Usually it’s easy for your internet provider and local authorities to track every step you make online; which websites you visit, who you’re mailing with, what you’re downloading and so on. You can prevent them from doing so easily by using an encrypted tunnel for your internet connection. You just have to sign up with a VPN provider (VPN means Virtual Private Network). They will assign you a new IP and route all your web traffic through their servers.

If you choose a VPN provider that doesn’t store any log files not even them will know what you’re doing online. This means neither your internet provider, nor your local authorities, nor the VPN provider nor the owners of the sites you visit nor the people you share files with in peer-to-peer networks will be able to identify or track you.

One of the few VPN providers not storing log files is Anonine. Their service costs about €4 per month, works with Windows, Linux, MacOS, iOS & Android and is easy to set-up and use.


A Note about Periodical Political Posts

There are no Periodical Political Posts anymore as you might have noticed. That’s because I wanted to turn milkboys from a pure media blog with a few political posts every now and then into a healthy mix of queer news & stories and neat pictures, videos etc. Do achieve this there is a more detailed news post nearly every day now instead of  the usual bunch of just headlines we had in the Periodical Political Posts.

If you want even more queer news you should follow milkboys on twitter, that’s where the news go which don’t get their own post over here. And if you’re interested in the random non-queer news that made the other half of the Periodical Political Posts you can follow my own twitter account.


Scam Warning

I get a mail every now and then from people asking about a site called “milkyboys” or “YourMilky”. Please note that this site is in no way related to milkboys. It’s a scam site that tries to make you pay for freely available videos they just downloaded from the web to put them onto their paysite. They just used a slightly modified version of our name to seem more legit.