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Spooky Samhain

Need some creepy entertainment for tonight? How about reading about Gilles de Rais, the guy who allegedly raped, tortured & killed hundreds of boys? Or Fritz Harmann, the Vampire of Hannover? Even Wikipedia has some eerie stuff. The whole internet is pretty much full of it. Or find a nice film to watch on the list of the best horror films ever made or on the list of the best horror films you probably don’t know. And if you feel adventurous while fapping tonight… well… (NSFW!)


You make the News

If you found a news story, an article or just a general link that might be interesting for queer teens you should post it at the QueerYouth Reddit. To submit a story there just get an account at Reddit (no e-mail needed, just pick a username & password) and you’ll also be able to vote for stories you like, leave comments and subscribe to other Reddits (e.g. the one for boy pics ;p)

One of the better known redditors ;)

I will use the QueerNews Reddit to collect the links for the Periodical Political Posts over here at milkboys so it would be great if you could submit your links there instead of mailing them my way since this would make it easier for me to focus on replying to the dozens of other milkboys-related mail I get every day :)

If the story you submitted will get used in a Periodical Political Post I will credit you under the post. Just leave a comment here if you have question about the QueerYouth Reddit or Reddit in general.



Ha, someone made a subreddit for MaleJailBaits :D You have no clue what that means? To keep the story short: Reddit is pretty much the same thing as Reddit is actually the place where Digg got most of its stories from. The big difference between them is the userbase. Reddit has the most generous, caring & nice people in its (huge) community.

MaleJailBait is a little community within the community; there are lots of those and they’re called “subreddits”. There’s also GayTeenPics but it’s not that active. There’s hardly a topic that hasn’t a subreddit… literature genres, music styles, films, anarchism, drugs, weird activities, zombies, gay rights, geeky stuff, sex, you name it. Nerdy people will surely appreciate all the coding, hacking, Linux & science subreddits (Here’s a handy list of the most popular subreddits).

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Tweet of the Day

Is Every Right-Wing, Anti-Gay Christian Bigot Sucking Off Rent Boys? (spoilers: yes)less than a minute ago via web


Blog News 2010|03

[note]Please mail us if a blog linked on milkboys is offline or if you have a blog and wish to be linked here (preferably about teenage boys and non-commercial). Please be advised that we don’t link blogs hosted at Blogger / Blogspot anymore due to their policy of deleting queer blogs.[/note]


It looks like all blogs hosted on Nibblebit are gone for good. Here’s what they posted about the situation:

There seems to be some confusion. WE(NibbleBit) DID NOT remove any blogs. The company who hosts the NibbleBit servers recieved a complaint. The server was suspended. We have no access to the server or the backups. This is why the blogs are gone. We DO NOT condone child pornography. The hosting company recieved a complaint that NibbleBit was showing a blog, which they believe was showing child pornography. This is ILLEGAL and against our Terms Of Service. Due to this fact we are unable to recover backups. We will now keep daily backups offsite, with other providers to ensure this doesn’t happen again. We encourage visitors of blogs to report any innapropriate material using the report a blog page. Reports will be dealt with promptly. NibbleBit will now operate a ZERO tolerance on illegal materials, so please make sure that any adult content is 18 years +. For a limited time signups will recieve UNLIMITED BLOG SPACE.

UPDATE: I have removed all Nibblebit blogs from the link list in the sidebar which seem to be completely dead. If you’re the owner of one of them and planning to bring your blog back feel free to contact us once your blog is back up to get added back to the list.



I guess the guy running Nibblebit, a new blog hosting service running the WordPress multi user engine, was hoping for some free PR when he mailed me about his new service and the first blogs hosted there are popping up already, so here we go. Nibblebit is pretty much the same as as for the technical aspect. There are a few differences worth noticing ‘tho. For example: It allows “adult” content

The downsides? It’s clearly there to bring in cash. Nothing wrong with that of course but before you dump your current blog you should be aware of the fact that ads are shown on top of free blogs hosted at Nibblebit and some features are “Premium”, which means you have to pay for your account to get them. Besides that I have no clue who runs this, if their server is reliable, how long the whole project will live on and where they draw the line when it comes to deciding which content is really allowed there (their only statement on this is “it should be legal” – whatever that means). But if you feel like making a picture blog you might wanna give them a try.

Tried their service? Share your experiences in the comments. If you’re looking for a place for your personal blog you could also get one at milkblogs, just in case you prefer over ;)