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Blog Spotlight *4

This blog is a somewhat innocent approach to the concept of boys. It’s not about tainted poses but cuteness. It’s hard to make such a blog nowadays without getting confronted with certain allegations due to the age of the boys or just the fact that the blog is hosted together with other blogs which focus on other aspects but it’s worth a try. Here’s the short description from the about page over there:  This is a my personal picture diary where I collect the cuteness of boys, kittens and other beings. It’s meant to be an innocent collection of joy and playfulness so enjoy your stay :)

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True Blood

Just a quick random post that will disappear again very soon ;) milkboys is the project that I put the most time into but I also make 2 other blogs so if you don’t want to miss anything you should follow them too. There is Skyclad Scribble, my personal blog which I don’t only use for posts not related to boys but also for pictures of boys I don’t wanna post here because I want to avoid the discussion resulting of that (see the most recent post there for an example). And there is Count Candy which I use to post photos which are more… naughty than the ones here.


Blog Beat *2

+++ We are drooling over hot criminals +++ Ian (a.k.a. Moosh) wants you to ask him everything +++ Jake is happy about the reunion of some queer candies +++ Josh doesn’t feel so bad about spying on boys changing at the beach +++ Toxiiic makes live porn for milk monee +++ Will takes a bath in milk +++ Mirrorboy takes a break +++ Heartkore made a new painting +++ Sid gets attacked by Nazi Zombies +++ Joe destroyed the mythical New Zealand puma +++ Stormy can hear the voices +++


Blog Spotlight *3

The first guy who got his journal at milkblogs was Jake. He is quite an interesting person with some strange habits for you to discover. Sadly he’s too lazy to think of a few words about his blog so you have to check it out for yourself to see if you care enough to follow him through the (maybe not so?) tough life of a bisexual Aussie boy. Just don’t ask about his hair straightener, it’s a weak spot. So, enter Jake’s Home if you dare.

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I’m excited to announce one of our new projects, more to come :)

We were talking in the milkchat tonight about how it would be nice to have a safe place for all the Gay Youth Bloggers out there to host their blogs. A place they can rely on and trust in, where they won’t get kicked for random reasons like it happens at services like Blogger. Since we have way more web space on the milboys server than we need… I thought we could just create such a place right here, right now! :D

Want to know more?

This way!



StickyDrama has an article about the so called “sexting”, the practise of teenagers making nude photos of themselves with their cell phones and sending them to others, which we have covered a few months ago. The article can be found here.

Part of the comic value here is who is ending up in court: The ones who took the pictures of themselves.  Teens are facing child pornography charges on multiple levels and threats of being labeled a sex offender for the rest of their lives.  Legally that would bar the teenager from being around schools and even playgrounds — pretty fucking funny right?  No.


Give me a Break

Just today three blogs in the blogroll were deleted by Google/Blogger/Blogspot (however you wanna call them). I’m so tired of removing links of blogs hosted there every frickin day. That’s why I’ve decided to stop adding new blogs hosted at Blogger for now. Existing blogs will stay in the blogroll. There are plenty of alternatives to Blogger so if you really care about your new blog (which means you don’t want it to be killed within a few days) check them out, kthxbye.


Blog Spotlight *2

Visit Josh Posh

There are some other blogs in the tube for the spotlight but since I’m still waiting for the self description of the blog I want to feature next I’ll just annoy you with another self promo ;p This is my personal micro blog. Micro because it’s more like a twitter for little media titbits than a “real” blog. I post just everything beautiful, odd and interesting I stumble upon while exploring the web. From articles, art, movie and game trailers to straight forward porn ;) The blog is hosted at tumblr and if you like this kind of blog you should sign up there… most other blogs there are doing the same as I do, you can spend hours and hours there seeing odd & cool things.

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Be my Destroyer!

Issue 8 of Destroyer will be out next week and if you didn’t order it yet you should right now! Why? ‘Because we love you, simple as that :) And ‘cause we do we won’t let you go without a neat milkboys special ;o) Just add “milkboys” and your shirt size (M, L or XL) as a comment to your order at I <3 Mags and with some luck you’ll win the ultra hot Destroyer shirt on top of your Destroyer! :D

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