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Wonderwear Wednesday *39

Everyone longing for a peek into Milo’s underwear will be happy to have their wish finally fulfilled with the photo below. Alas it might be the the last picture of him for a while since he eventually gave up fighting the moral police over at Tumblr who kept nuking his blogs for looking like he might be underage even though he’s well over 18. Here’s what he posted on his blog yesterday:

This is the end, this is where I say goodbye ;_; 

I will probably disappoint a lot of you now, but I have decided  to stop posting. I don’t really enjoy it anymore and I will get banned again and again. I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone for all your sweet messages and kind words in the past few years. I also want to use this opportunity to tell the tumblr staff that they can suck my dick. 

I might return some day with a new tumblr but i don’t know when. maybe this summer, maybe next year, maybe in 10 years or maybe never. I will keep this blog up for a few more weeks so everyone can see this last post and maybe say goodbye.  As this last post, Ill finally give you guys a peek of that what you all wanted to see so badly….

Thanks everyone for the awesome time I had, I wouldn’t post anything if it wasn’t for you guys. Also, big thanks and hugs to Josh for posting so many of my pictures on milkboys. That’s also the place to stay in touch with me. You can find my profile here, and my thread here.


5 Years of Milk & Boys!

2007 seems to be awfully far away. The “Web 2.0”, this atrocity of a buzz word, was just getting started and blogs were ruling the internet, for better and for worse. It was also the time when, in late August, milkboys was started in its current form. While blogs are hardly relevant anymore nowadays, sites like Facebook account for almost all time spent online by the average internet user.

milkboys on the other hand is still kicking after five years, making it one of the longest-serving queer youth blogs around :) And of course there are presents to celebrate this! Milo and Dumbledore, two idols of recent milkboys history, kind as they are, provide you with some photos made for the occasion (click on them!).


And we’ll give away a classic (red) milkboys shirt to a random reader leaving a comment under this post. We’ll get in touch with the winner by mail; bonus points if you post a milk(boys)-related photo of yourself with your comment ;) (You can use sites like imgur top host the photo)

We will also, finally, release some updates and new projects many of you were waiting for over the next couple of weeks, so grab some milk & cookies, keep your eyes open and stay fab!


Don’t miss these two on Tumblr! Milo got one here and Dumbledore here!