Mirror Monday *88

Hej, Finn!


Feasting Friday *39

You might want to click on that picture… more on his tumblr


Teasing Tuesday *90




Sexytimes Sunday *32


Freckle Friday *25


Wet Wednesday *139


Model Monday *82

Model: Helge Johansson | More here & here


Tender Thursday *67

There’s these two boys in my school… this morning they were holding hands in French class and here one is fondly stroking the other’s arm. When a friend of mine asked them if they were dating the one with the black sweater just smiled while the other one started blushing really hard and just stuttered a weak “what”.


Time for Dota!

Hope you guys are watching The International 2014; which is, contrary to popular belief, not only a handsomeness competition between Pajkatt and Akke (see below) but also the greatest eSports event in history with a prize pool of 10. Million. Dollars. Games starts today (CET)! Go, Alliance! :)

No idea what Dota is? No worries! If you ever played video games you’ll have a great time watching it even if you never tried the game yourself. The International will also have a cast just for beginners!


I know You love to fall

I know you love to fall – Message To Bears