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Pantsu for Boys

Magazines for & about cross-dressing boys and even healthy sex guides for traps are pretty common in Japan. One of these mags, Oto★Nyan, apparently wanted to save some traps the potential embarrassment of buying girly underwear in stores by adding a bra and panty to their latest issue as Sankaku Complex reports

Issue 6 of Oto★Nyan comes with a bra and pantsu for boys, randomly in either pink, green or purple horizontal stripes, in addition to the usual art, comics and articles addressing the finer of points of femininity for non-females. The precise size is not specified, but it is said to be “highly elasticated,” and so will presumably fit a wide variety of effete male frames.


Gay Man’s Worst Friend

The one publication that never failed to inspire this blog was Destroyer from the Swedish queer activist & troublemaker Karl Andersson. It was the first (and so far only) magazine that dared to put teen boys into a place that our modern society had reserved for adolescent girls. What was normal for the latter—to be adored, idolised and often enough sexualized—was apparently unforgivable once the same patterns were applied to boys.

The predictable outrage didn’t just come from the usual right-wing suspects but also, and even harsher, from the gay scene. While love without [age] boundaries was an´ordinary part of the queer spectrum once (no matter if you take historical personalities like Oscar Wilde & Walt Whitman or the fact that mainstream gay mags in the 70s & 80s used to make no difference between teen boys and buff men when it came to sexy photos) it seems to have become somewhat of a dark family secret of the past that must be kept under the carpet no matter what. Because otherwise, that seems to be the logic here, we might fuel the “all homos are peados” argument and eventually lose the equal rights and fragile freedom we achieved over the last 20 years.

Now you can read the whole story in a recently published book. Gay Man’s Worst Friend is not only the thrilling story of Europe’s most controversial gay magazine, told from Stockholm, Prague and Berlin. It’s also the story of the gay movement in the 21st century. The outraged reactions to Destroyer expose hidden power structures and show how gay identity has been steadily shrunk over recent decades, excluding ever more expressions of homosexuality.

Read more at the Destroyer Blog or order the book at I Love Mags


XY Undead?

Last summer, with Peter Ian Cummings, the owner of twink mag XY, in bankruptcy, the magazine’s mailing list (undoubtedly filled with underage and closeted names and addresses, and the old men who loved them) was expected to be sold to the highest bidder at auction. Thankfully that didn’t happen, and XY‘s database was reportedly destroyed. But now comes word that XY is going to live once again. Read on…


I <3 Mags Summer Sale

Time for this lovely splash again: 20 percent off on everything – print magazines as well as downloads (minimum purchase 10 euro). Use coupon code MILK when checking out at Last sale was in April 2009, so they don’t come that often. If you have a hole in your Destroyer collection, now is the time to fill it. Coupon is valid until further notice. (These sales usually last a week or so, but you just never know…)


Boys in Skirts! Magazine

Crossdressing Boy // Please leave a comment if you know the source of this picture or if you have any information about the model, the photographer or a link to the image in a higher resolution. Thanks :)

New Japanese comic publication "WAaI! boys in skirts" is hoping to capitalize on the video game, anime and cosplay trend of young Japanese men dressing up like young women. Even one professional fighter is into it! The first issue will introduce anime that feature characters in drag as well as video games like Atchi Muite Koi (NSFW) and Cross Days, which features a cross-dressing protagonist. (The game also features a most not-safe-for-work peripheral.)

If that wasn’t enough, the publication’s debut issue will also be bundled with schoolgirl athletic shorts in a "large" size. Large enough for a man, but good enough for a woman. Or something. Well, nobody’s perfect! For gamers, Bridget from Guilty Gear is one of the most famous male characters dressed up as a female. Some gamers don’t even know that she’s a he!

WAaI! boys in skirts Vol. 1

WAaI! boys in skirts Vol. 1 goes on sale April 24, priced at ¥1,200 (€10). [via Kotaku]



Ladies, it’s time for some news! Good news and bad news if you will: First of all, this is the brand new issue of Destroyer. The 10th issue! It’s so fresh the paint hasn’t dried yet. In fact, it hasn’t even been applied – as I write this the printing plant’s metal plates are still being engraved. Cyan, magenta, yellow and black plates are filled with the usual Destroyer ingredients: Photos, essays, reviews, interviews – and a couple of surprises! […] So what’s the bad news? Well, as you have probably figured out from the title of this post, or the words on the cover, this is the last issue of Destroyer. Read about the reasons & surprises here

So, this is the glorious end of Destroyer. I will spare you the heroically delivered speech about how it was not just a magazine but a statement, a glossy & wild battlecry in a fight against a society that wants to put the teenage boy into a Victorian cage of decency & prudery. I won’t rant on about the double standards of people who drool over seminude 14 year old girls on fashion mag covers but see the end of the Western world coming when you do the same thing with a boy. You know all this.

Instead I will just speak for myself. I found out about Destroyer in the very moment I was starting this blog and it became the most important inspiration for me to keep milkboys going because it helped me to understand where I want to go with the blog, what I want to tell the world about this mystical creatures boys are and which kind of people I want to reach. And after The Pirate Bay, Johan Palm & Snickers Cake it was another great product from Sweden that enriched my life on many levels ;)

Go, get your copy of the last issue of Destroyer before it’s sold out. This would also be the perfect opportunity to complete your collection of older issues, it might be your last chance to get them.



I know quite a few people were too scared to buy a magazine about teenage boys considering all the hysteria going on around the globe. Well, (imagine Professor Farnsworth’ voice here) good news, everyone! At least 4 issues of the 9 published so far are now available as a PDF download for just € 4,99! Pro tip: You don’t wanna miss Destroyer 7! Trust me ;o) And I don’t even mean the interview with me in it ;p Apropos: The numbers in that interview are not really accurate anymore, just if you wonder. We have 17.000 daily visitors by now and the server costs $ 280 per month. But back to topic: Go, get ‘em all!



Destroyer 09!

Destroyer 09 is out and on its way to the first lucky costumers. Here’s what Karl has to say about his newest baby:

I’m immensily proud to announce Destroyer 09. Why? Because of Nicola, a Swedish amateur photographer who took loads and loads of photos of beautiful boys in Naples in the 1970s. Some of them were published in the gay magazines of the time, but most of them were simply buried in Nicola’s drawers. Until now. In a 22-page double feature, we publish the best of Nicola’s photos in colour and black and white, along with an interview with Nicola himself, where he talks about the uniqueness of Naples and how it all suddenly changed to the worse in the 80s. I cannot enough emphasize the following: You do not want to miss this! D9 is the hottest issue of Destroyer since D2, which featured the 10-page interview with Cosidetto and was sold out only weeks after the release. D2 was printed in 1000 copies, D9 will be printed in 2000 copies. However, be warned that they might go very fast.

As usual, you can purchase Destroyer at!



A message from Karl, editor of  Destroyer :)

Yes, it’s true – this is your chance to finally fill those gaps in your Destroyer collection! :) As a result of sunstroke and a will to fight off the financial crisis (not the least our very personal one), we now offer all print magazines at to a 20 percent discount. When checking out, simply write MILK in the coupon code field. And don’t wait too long, the offer might disappear as spontaneously as it got there. ;)