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Sunday Trip


Another Bet lost…

Спор есть спор

Seems like this is still a thing


Coming Out with Noah

My Coming Out Story

Submitted by Gotham


Outed, and kicked out of Home

Outed, and kicked out of home

Submitted by Green Lust


Mr Daley goes to Wimbledon

What shall I wear to Wimbledon?

Submitted by Oliver


That’s One Way to Come Out

Coming out gay – live (cake)


Silly Santa

Father Christmas' Festive Fire Feast


Tom Daley would like to tell you something

Tom Daley: Something I want to say…


VR Fap

If you’re a gamer it’s likely you heard about the Oculus Rift. And if you’re a milkboys reader you probably already figured that it wouldn’t take long until someone builds something to make it easier to fap with that thing. Well, there you go…

VR TENGA DEMO (1): Oculus Rift+Novint Falcon+TENGA

Submitted by Xag


50 Shades of Grey is pretty lame

An 8th Grade Boy reads "50 Shades of Grey"

Submitted by Sienna2