Music & Dance

Perky Little Porn Star

Submitted by hotspurhax


Gay Goth Scene

The Hidden Cameras – Gay Goth Scene (Official Video)


Yup, this Guy deserves some…

Applause — Lady GaGa l Sean Lew l Choreographed by Miguel Zarate


Let’s play a Game

Skip to the 1:00 mark if you’re terribly impatient

Game Of Throne Theme – Sungha Jung

Sungha Jung



Looks like the lads from that video are getting their 15 minutes of fame :)

【踊ってみた】会いたい 会いたい 会いたいな【1kgやせ隊】

Submitted by Magikarp


Big Trouble in Little Bistro

Big Trouble in Little Bistro – JuBaFilms

Submitted by Kaii | More from JuBa here & here

Food is serious business, all right



This was not terrible!

sm12799927 男3人で Perfume ねぇ を踊ってみたtw

Submitted by Tomas


Troye Tuesday *9

Heartbreak Girl – 5 Seconds Of Summer (Cover) – Troye Sivan



Goldfrapp made a beautiful video about the relief that comes with being accepted as who you are.

Goldfrapp – Annabel

Submitted by Bechard


Applause for Ronan

Ronan Parke Sings – Applause