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Now that’s quite a voice…

Soufjan – Applause| The Voice Kids 2014 Germany | Blind Audition


Les Beaux Frères

Les Beaux Frères de PatrickSébastien le 15-02-2014

Try this link if you can’t see the video above


Another Barbie Girl

I'm a Barbie Boy

Remember the video in this one?


Sound Sunday *41

Orbital – Halcyon on and On


Express Yourself

Billy Elliot Expressing Yourself.


Ronan Parke, Defined OFFICIAL Music Video


The 2013 Song

The 2013 Song – Zeitgeist 2013 (A Musical Zeitgeist) | Troye Sivan


Ronan on the Set of Defined

Interview With Ronan Parke on set of Defined Music Video – Incl. preview of video


Defined by Ronan

Submitted by Che


Perky Little Porn Star

Submitted by hotspurhax