Skin & Skylcad

Sunshine on the Bus

The things you can do to get through a boring bus ride… fairly NSFW

Submitted by Green Lust & the lad’s 18 so no worries here ;)


More Mankinis

Looks like Borat inspired a whole generation of silly boys

Dragonskolan (Mankini part 2)

Submitted by William


Les Chansons d’Amour

Ma Mémoire Sale – Les Chansons d'Amour (Reprise)

The Sound of Tease

Let us know in the comments if you know the original source :)

Kyler, oh Kyler

We don’t have many fap videos around here since it’s surprisingly hard to find some that aren’t just boring but dearest Kyler Moss sure delivers. Check him out on BoyCrush if for more.

Found by The House Of WTF? | More on BoyCrush

Male Bonding, eh?

Warning: Lots of Penis.

The Swedish Bath

Good to have Friends :)


Shopping with Cody [NSFW]

Since we want to be good boys and actually pay for the software license for the new board & community that will go live on January 1st (plus the server needs to get paid as well, of course)… hope you don’t mind a shameless plug here ;) We get $35 if you sign up at Helix Studios (even is it’s just for a month) so that’s a great way to donate and get *something* in return ;p

These two cuties are Colby & Cody ;)

Cody is quite the sweetheart as you can see below…


East Village Boys

Download this Video | Made by Jessica Yatrofsky

So, which one do you like best? ;)


Milk & Cereals

Download this Video | Made by Mezame | Found at BoyEmo