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Golden Boy Yuzuru strikes again!

In case you didn’t hear it yet, our little ice jewel Yuzuru Hanyu proved that he is a golden boy once again and won the 2014 World Figure Skating Championships in his home country! You can see a video of his free program here but while it was an amazing performance I’d like to use this opportunity to show you another program he did a while ago just because he was so damn flirty

Yuzuru HANYU 羽生結弦 2012-2013 EX 「Hello I Love You」「花になれ」(NHK杯)


Ice Jewellery

Yuzuru Hanyu Ice Jewelry 2009

Yuzuru Hanyu when he was 14


Golden Boy Yuzuru

Prince Yuzuru did win gold indeed! To celebrate we’ll have one more video before we move on. The performance might not be perfect but very emotional and powerful. He was 17 at the time.

Yuzuru Hanyu Worlds 2012 FP (NBC)


Yuzuru & Pooh

Japanese figure skater Yuzuru Hanyu carries a Winnie the Pooh tissue box cozy around at every competition as a good luck charm.

In an interview, his coach Brian Orser said that he would see Hanyu at competitions before Hanyu made the switch to train with Orser in Toronto.  Orser knew he was immensely talented but always thought it was odd how he carried a Winnie the pooh tissue box around. "I always thought he was that weird kid with the Winnie the pooh doll. Now I’m that kid’s coach…and I have to carry it," said Orser.

See him in action here!


Beach Skimmer II

Video by Sinal | Part 1


Fuck Yeah, Jason Collins

America finally got its first gay athlete in a major sport. NBA player Jason Collins came out.


One Hell of a Jump

Norwegians are not only good on skies, they also love their snowboards. And one 13-year-old lad just impressed the snowboard world by doing the hardest trick possible in the sport. Not more than three years ago the first triple cork in history was landed by Torstein Horgmo (You guessed it, Norwegian as well). Ever since only six other people managed to pull off this trick. Marcus Kleveland just joined this illustrious circle at the tender age of 13…

13 Year Old Marcus Kleveland Nails Triple Cork

Naked Norwegians

Ever wondered what Norwegian teens do for fun? ;)

Naked Guy Jumps 60 Meters On Skis!

Submitted by Anon



Let’s start the year with some fun before we get back to the mostly depressing news stories ;)


Part 1 | Found by Desmaenok 


Slow Sunday

Conceptual Juggling (Original)