24 thoughts on “Torn”

  1. He… is… really… cute.
    And he plays the guitar, which multiplies the cuteness.
    Also, I like his eyes.
    Did I miss anything?

  2. I love this cover more than the real song, though I thought it was amazing when I thought it was sung by a boy. I can’t stand how much I dislike vagina since I find all tom girls incredibly cute.

  3. I like her image… I used to find girls in school hot if they looked like boys. Should tell you something.
    Anywho…. cute, love the hair and songs ok.

  4. I recognized that she’s a girl, but that doesn’t matter to me. Still cute, still a great song. It’s always been a wish of mine that I could learn guitar and play this song, because I can sing to it pretty well.

    She has a great voice, thanks for the post =)

  5. Why do slightly cheezy ballads sound so much better when sung by a lone adolescent – in their room – accompanied by only an acoustic guitar? Perhaps because so many of these songs are over-produced and over-orchestrated, that’s why. This person has a good voice. She held and delivered the song very well, from start to finish.

  6. No I can confirm he’s a dude. Everyone makes that mistake because of his high voice and long hair. But he’s always corrected people time and time again saying that he is indeed a guy.

    1. (S)he refers to herself as a lesbian, and has stated in multiple comments that (s)he is a chick, but you never know, maybe (s)he’s speaking of her/his gender mentally, or physical sex.

  7. Whether boy or girl he/she appears photographically “androgynous” or as having physicality of both male and female. But, then a lot of young pretty lads and butch lasses sport flouncy locks well-trained to fall forward across forehead, cheeks and neck confusing ID. At first I thought it a young fella. Now, seeing other vids of the ambiguous ‘singer’ I reckon it’s definitely a dame. At least…I think I still do.

  8. Hello…

    I’ve changed my mind. With further perusal and fine study of other vids you need to realise ‘it’s’ actually…
    (operated with wires, electrics and integral remote press-buttons and X-Box like leavers)

  9. The only thing that could improve this boy’s singing is if he would open his mouth more, and let his voice out! His embouchure isn’t wide enough to allow his voice to fully develop it’s potential. But he is indeed a cute boy… Hello Ellen? Here’s an other one!

  10. I wonder how poor is power of observation in image and video age, today…
    Even without her youtube account or whatever else, just looking the video it’s obvious that she’s a girl :)
    Look at her neck: it’s a girl’s neck. No Adam’s apple.

  11. This kid is absolutely amazing. I mean of course it’s not perfect or dubbed for him to sound crazy professional, but what it shows is how passionate he was about this song. I’m 25 and I grew up with this song, lol. He is what? 14? and he knows Natalie…that is awesome. The 90’s were a great decade for music and kudos to this cutie-patootie for picking such a great song. Thanks for posting milkies!

  12. Boy or girl no matter. Just talented and cute…

    Its funny because I was never a fan of this song when it first came out as sung by Natalie Imbruglia
    The song was written by an amazing singer named Anne Preven who was the lead singer for a band called Edna Swap.

    Anne went on the Howard Stern show years ago and performed this song live with just an acoustic guitar. Its amazing. Do yourself a favor and check it out. Heres a link to download the mp3 of that performance


  13. It really does look like an adolescent boy BUT regardless, (s)he does a really great job at singing and playing. If (s)he has more songs like this I believe you’ll see another musical star come up through the internet.

  14. Hey! Does anyone have a link to this persons account/a downloadable link of this song :3?

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