With its spacious, tree-lined grounds and slightly threadbare classrooms, there is nothing obviously unusual about the Kampang Secondary School. It is situated in Thailand’s impoverished north-east, and most of the pupils are the children of farmers. Every morning at 8 they all gather outside to sing the national anthem and  watch the flag being raised. Then they have a chance to use the toilets, before heading off the first classes of the day. Kampang is proud of its toilets. Spotless, and surrounded by flowering tropical plants, they have won national awards for cleanliness. But there is something else about them too. Between the girls’ toilet and the boys’, there is one signposted with a half-man, half-woman figure. This is the transsexual toilet, and outside, in front of the mirrors, some decidedly girly-looking teenage boys preen their hair and apply face cream.

Whole article, video & photos [Found by Rimmer, thanks]


My first thought about that was “wow, that’s good, we won’t see that in western countries”. But there are some open questions… Isn’t the definition of transsexual that someone is male but born in a female body or vice versa? So it would be more consistent if these boys use the girls’ toilet. If I would see a sign like this on a toilet I would suppose it’s for both genders (that would be really progressive and cool) or for intersexuals but not for transgenders because transgender don’t mean you can’t decide or something but you have just the wrong body.  But maybe they just don’t care so much about definitions.  I just wonder what the female-to-male transgenders are supposed to do!?