26 thoughts on “Trap Thursday *11”

  1. I’d say boy since I think there’s a hint of an adams apple lol Could be wishful thinking, though

  2. He reminds me of one of my friends. I wouldn’t really be surprised if it is him either.

    1. YES, as I said: IT IS A BOY! xD There is no poll because it’s obvious.

      Regarding cutiess.com: That’s not true. Did you read their about?

      “I’ll focus mainly on cute boys! At least I think so. Obviously, there’ll be some really cute kittens and girls too”

  3. Hahaha Josh look what ya done they expect it to always be a “Boy or Girl?” game now lol! Taroufish does fantastic photos I have some featured on my tumblr and he even corrected me because I had one pic pegged as two girls kissing and I was shocked to find out they were boys lol!

    1. @StEC

      I’ve just been flicking through your tumblr, but I can’t see the image you are talking about, Care to link?

  4. Oh dear – I was wrong again!! Good on you Josh. Hope I am not still confused – a guy this time too! Eyebrows slightly heavier!

  5. Usually I prefer blonde boys but this time I make an exception due to these adorable socked legs.

  6. What I find interesting – and confusing! – is, that this boy is overloaded with erotic energy in these strange clothes. It might look silly to some but I find it highly erotic – and I even don’t know why!

  7. Ugh, I can’t believe anyone thought that Roxas was a boy. Talk about wishful thinking, wanting a prepubescent!

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