25 thoughts on “Trap Thursday *12”

  1. ok you allready told us it’s no boy, but looking at the hands I’d still think it’s a boy. The eyes could be from a girl, but I’m not quite convinced.

  2. I didn’t need a hint to tell its a girl. She has girl fat which layers on differently than guys.

  3. Josh, before I saw your caption, I went….um it’s a girl this time, but she’s……. and then I saw your caption and cracked up, LOL!

  4. Now i’m confused ….. i first thought – girl , but with those forcibly pursed lips and the hands , well might as well be a girl.

    Gosh -it can be really hard to tellsometimes.

  5. Androgyny is cool (as long as I know it’s a boy) but boys in dresses or girls in general are a personal turn off. It’s not really anyone’s fault but every time I come here I have to hope against hope that the top post isn’t going to instantly turn me off. It didn’t use to be like that.

    I’m just kinda begging yah cause you guys have a bisexual site. Please keep milkboys gay.

    1. Pretty much this.

      I’m not too fond of these “androgynous guessing-games”. If it’s not clearly a guy, it’s a huge turn off. I mean, okay, if someone likes boys who cross-dresses, now that’s fine by me, but all this near-straight stuff just… freaks me out. I like slightly androgynous boys, but you still have to clearly see on the first sight that it’s a boy.

  6. in case anyone didnt notice, it’s sora from the disney gme “kingdom hearts”

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