22 thoughts on “Trap Thursday *18”

  1. I know who this is! So I know the gender. But I won’t say it, that would spoil the fun.

  2. gaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!…..no wonder i cn’t get laid……………i’m always barking up teh wrong tree :-\

  3. Ok, so I thought this was a girl, thus voted this way. But now with closer inspection I notice a severe lack of boobies, so I am not so sure anymore…

  4. i have this boys number :b didn’t think he’d ever pop up on milkboys, but it’s a great trap.

  5. …So it looks like a girl.
    But it lacks boobies..

    OH I KNOW..
    It’s an it. 8D
    -picks boy anyways-

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