Trap Thursday *26

Hi everybody!
I’m a male crossdresser and I am 14 years old, I think it is fun to crossdress, but I don’t got so much clothes to crossdress in T^T because I don’t got a sister and my mother doesn’t got any cute clothes. And i don’t know how to get any T.T Any good advice?

I am a very girly boy I’m nice to everyone, and ‘m a little bit romantic ^^ I also love drawing and I am the best one in my class to draw and I looove when people give me compliments and I blush all up so they laugh >.< XD

Buy him more Dresses ;)

39 thoughts on “Trap Thursday *26”

  1. this is cute. but i think he’s cuter when he’s himself. but hey i can’t judge. be who u wann be boy :)

  2. He is Delightful!!! Your the cutest one yet! *sighs, sits chin in hands, and stares happily* :)

    You have the look, perhaps try your hand at modeling?
    I am sure there is a studio that would snap you up in a New York Minute! Then it’s clothes, and compliments galore, and you deserve it!!

  3. This boy is cute, as everyone agrees. But I’m intrigued : what does push him to enjoy dressing as a girl? Does he deny his masculinity? Or is it simply a game? I think it’s more profound than that. A mystery to me. Thanks, Claude

  4. well, i like him better the normal way…oh and he looks like 11-12 years old..maybe.. just maybe 13 :)…for me anyway.

  5. I am an undercover queer. I hate the fact that nobody nows I’m queer unless I scream it in their face, which of course I hate. I take pride in being a different homo, one thats rather not that gay and happy and colorful. I dress in dull dark colors, but like looking good. I am miserable for this, and they are mostly girls the ones who come talk to me. Maybe cross dressing is just not wanting to deal with all this bullshit. Is it self imposed or society brought upon? We should all be able to do whatever the fck we want, and I for one, think this boy looks so much fucking sexier dressed up with girls clothes, it actually makes me want to do it. Not pink, just different.

  6. Plus, why do girls get to wear jeans and sneakers? You should all try wearing a long skirt to work, you’ll feel the freedom pass right through you.

  7. I prefer to see him as a boy though he does look good as a girl. Perhaps the best thing about dressing as a girl would be if a cute boy came along and wanted to do stuff and it was too late when he found he was doing stuff with another boy. And he might enjoy it as well.

  8. OMG. this *is* epic, as storm said.
    i wish i would have had this stuff when i was 14 years old.

    you look fantastic either way, girl or boy, and i’m glad you’re comfortable with both. so have fun. ^^

    and that top photo is just totally artistically beautiful.

    1. You’d be surprised how many cross dressers there are who aren’t gay. I think cross dressing is popular with gays on a temporary basis, but I would guess that most people who are habitual cross dressers (whether they are as open about it or not) are actually straight.

  9. Goodness gracious. He’s a living version of Hitori Shuuichi from “Hourou Musuko”. This is way too adorable.

  10. I’ve been talking to him on MSN and oh my lawd, he’s as cute to talk to as he is to look at :3

  11. Hello ^^
    im the boy on the pics :D
    i have readen aaaaall the comments and i think theyre VERY sweet and them makes me happy!
    but will you guys please remove the pics from this site? i dont want them to get puplished more that they are now. because i dont want my friends to know about my ‘secret’ ^^
    thanks :D

  12. if he was mine i’d make him dress as a girl all the home after school,weekends and holidays.

  13. Hey! Anyone have the pictures of this boy? I tried to see them in his page, but is off line…


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