29 thoughts on “Trap Thursday *3”

  1. Hah, it’s a good thing I actually know this person from the boards. Otherwise I really had a hard time guessing.

  2. Really beautiful music if you search for …this cute :) Just want to say “Bright Eyes” …

  3. He’s not the only one who has Bright Eyes floating around the net. But his voice is really beautiful.

  4. @Hermes Trismeg
    No, it doesn’t actually. But it’s a fun game ^^

    Again: Please don’t mention the gender yet if you know it. Thanks :)

  5. I think it’s a girl, just from viewing the picture. I have no idea if it really is or not.

  6. If you’re interested in certain genres you’ve known him for years. Not only his smile and his hair is beautiful. Something different closely associated with his face is beautiful, too.

    P.S: This beautiful picture is new even to me. I like it a lot.

  7. True … but most people will first vote and then read the comments… at least that what I do :)

  8. Beautiful music from a beautiful person, if you haven’t already, you should go straight to the iTunes store and find this kid :D (And no, I’m not working for them, sadly :P)

  9. steevee:

    Right you are. We all need to broaden our understanding of “gender”.

  10. I like androgynous, but this one is too effeminate for my tastes. Cute, yes, but as a girl, which for me means completely asexual.

  11. While pretty, I know a bit about the person behind the picture and there’s nothing terribly effeminate in actual behavior. The hair was long for a skater style in Britain. One hell of a voice.

  12. @Josh Without looking at the comments I guessed at a girl and would have bet on it. There are always ‘spoilers’ in this life whether it be through stupidity, boastfulness or just plain maliciousness but then surely thats why you moderate comments(or not)

  13. There are those who insist that the line ‘twixt a him and a her be most definite, lest they get turned on by the sight of ‘it’ and later discover that they shouldn’t have been turned on in the first place. Yet turned on they were, while never truly realizing how controlled they have been by the conditions of their culture. The Greeks of the Golden Age had no such line to worry about.

  14. I like a touch of ginger. Sure he is a boy. I saw him on youtube singing “Bright Eyes”. By the way – of what color are his eyes? If it was my turn to choose – I would say blueish with a touch of green.

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