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  1. That was truely origional. I had little if any expectations before I pressed the play button. I love opera and his voice was fantastic but the act was incredible. Bravo.

    1. Omg, don’t pass up Simeon. An incrediblely cute kid with loads of talent and infectous stage presence.

  2. He is wonderful in a great tradition of popular/vulgar burlesque that found it’s hay day in the late 18th century into the 19th century, brought up to the upper classes by Mozart, and continued on as vaudeville, burlesque and various forms of bawdy musicals.
    This reminds me of several 18th century burlesque revival plays Ive seen, and of course, Mozart’s Marriage of Figaro. I think it’s brilliant.

    1. I appreciate the music history. I also think this performance is brilliant. There is this Russian boy treble singer by the name of Eugeny. Perhaps you know of him. I have been watching his performance for years and his performance of “The World is Stone” still brings tears to my eyes. That was his last known performance and know on can find any information about him. The video looks like it was taken in the 1970’s.

      1. What do you think of Simeon? Another brilliant performance. I found the stage hand to be absolutely irritating.

        1. Are you referring to Nick Cannon? He’s actually the host of the show. But, yes [if he is the one] he definitely can be irritating … particularly when there’s anything “black/rap” involved. I know he’s mostly reading off of cue cards/teleprompter, but sometimes I wish he’d keep his mouth shut. I’m sure he would really love it if NBC started referring to him as a “stage hand” … with stage hand’s pay — that would really tone down his bling! :-))

          1. Yes that is who I am referring to. After all the show was not about him. I felt he was trying to hog the spotlight constantly. For some reason the word “host” did not come to my mind. I thought your description was very brave considering todays preoccupation with political correctness. But you nailed it. I’m surprised to see that my comment was not deleted.

  3. i like nick cannon. and i love prince poppycock in the words of miss sharon osbourne hes fabulous.

  4. vulgar sort-of-burlesque fits the shoe. but also doesn’t.

    i don’t have an opinion to it at all, somehow. it all feels very constructed and specifically designed and casted to be exactly what works for “America’s Got Talent”: somewhat nice, but also with a seasoning of controversy. i don’t like being presented such industrially processed mind-food.

    1. He was doing this sort of thing before he went to to the show, there are some videos of his Prince Poppycock character from several years ago on YouTube.

  5. Josh, do you know anything about Anna and Patryk? They are two extremely talented teen (or maybe preteen) dancers on the show.

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