Trap Thursday *4

Last week’s results were, at least for me, surprisingly clear. Nearly 3800 people voted (thanks!). 60% of you thought the trap was a boy, 20% thought it’s a girl and another 20% were not sure. The majority was right – he is a boy indeed. His name is Joseph McManners and he’s an English actor and singer. His music isn’t really my cup of tea but that’s the kind of music pedos faint over for sure ;) I was sure he’s a girl when I saw him the first time too, by the way.

Enough small talk, let’s get to this week’s trap!


28 thoughts on “Trap Thursday *4”

  1. ZOMG this one is adorable!

    Imma say he, last one was sorta “could go either way” but this one I’m almost certain is a boy.

    And a cute one at that. Wahh! :3

  2. My first vote was don’t know. Pretty sure that it’s a precious little boy!
    Wow, wait until he grows up to be a HOTTIE!!!

  3. Last was a boy who is too effeminate for my tastes. This is a girl who is enough boylike (don’t want to say masculine, sounds like having to do with a grown man) for my tastes. How cool is that! (I’m mostly guessing girl from thinking you wouldn’t have two boys in a row, hah!)

  4. I wonder if it’s trick (I mean if the picture is mirrored, because the buttons on the shirt say that these are girl clothes)

  5. Looks like a girl to me, but what do I know? I guessed that the other was a girl. :p Either way this person is adorable and I look froward to learning their name.

  6. Although the face could go either way, I’m guessing a girl on this one based on the clothing.

  7. mmm, this must be a japanese girl, but seems like a processed photograph by photoshop, too. I’m sorry if it sounded offensive, but i feel the pupils of this kid is too big for a size of her/his face.

  8. I vote Girl, either way too young for me to consider cute in the “attractive” sort of way. But she’s cute in the “cute child” way.

  9. Its hard to tell but wearing a men’s shirt from the side it buttons on is the clue i am going with.

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