33 thoughts on “Trap Thursday *45”

  1. Reminds me of robert mapplethorpe too now that u said it jake. She has no boobs (.)(.) Lol

  2. The facial structure is quite feminine to me, she’s still beautiful, if rather underfed looking

    1. Yeah, I think so too. I’m that weight and eat quite a bit though, so she might just be like that.

  3. I think she is sexy. Underfed ? Come on, she is tall and skinny. This blog features males that are tall and just as skinny and there isn’t quite the same reaction.

    1. Yeah, you know what’s good. S/he is good. Ah, if only I could be young again. I really love this blog. Please forgive me as I am a rediculous old romantic.

  4. Bruce, there’s nothing wrong w/ being ridiculous once in a while, or old, or a romantic :-) the last two are a bit more permanent than the first, of course, lol….
    And, btw, there are two “Kevins” who post here. The younger one from a couple days ago, and me….uh, not 16 years old ;-)
    I live in San Diego, CA,,,

    1. Actually, there are more than two “Kevins” that post here…..we don’t all use our first names.;-)

    2. Thanks for clarifing re: two Kevins. And thanks for the kind words. I think I may have lived my life as an apology. In the next life I will do it better and have a lot more fun.

  5. Anorexia?
    If she ate better, though, she would be gorgeous (and if she lost her nipple piercing…)

      1. sorry Bruce, I call it scrawny and anorexic. the boobs I don’t mind. I prefer small ones on petite gals. And, I think if she wold eat a little more she would have a beautiful, rounded face.

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