33 thoughts on “Trap Thursday *56”

    1. “A little tall?” Just imagine those beautiful long legs wrapped around you in any which way. When it comes to women, this is as good as it gets. I also find her face to be very sensual. A seriously beautiful women.

  1. At first I thought, what a hot feminine looking lad.
    Than I clicked on the link and was surprised to find out that he was actually a girl!

    Man, one of the few woman that I find hot at the first glance.

  2. Great body — boy or girl — the sort of girl I might have gone for when I was younger, or still. Had it been a boy — stalker time!

    1. Please keep in mind some of the people pictured here actually read our comments. Even the webmaster will back me up.

      1. I know, that doesn’t change that I find her unattactive. I see some comments saying that they find her attractive and I disagree, I find her quite unattractive, there is nothing wrong about me saying that I think ._.

        If they read these comments they will read the good and the bad. They should be prepared to be liked and disliked.

  3. I really thought it was a girl. Small hands, boney chin, nipples look full like breast buds and I do not easily detect an adams apple. Boy or girl this is the body type that never fails to excite me. Tall, thin and leggy. The body of a dancer or a runner. I so love the androgynous look and I wonder if it is common for all bisexuals to feel this way??? This girl is beautiful.

    1. I’m not gonna talk for all bisexuals, but -in my case- YES.
      Absolutely! And dunno why.. but that somehow makes heterosexual people really uncomfortable.. like if bisexuals should only like “girly-manly” types

      1. As a boy I was both a dancer and a mid-distance runner plus I had an androgynous face and I always found myself attracted to the same. I was surrounded by really beautiful kids during these activities and I wish I had been sexually liberated during those years. Growing up bi can be very confusing and inhibiting. At least it was for me during the 1960’s.

        1. As an 18 year old bi, this body type also excites me the most! I will still admit to being very confused, and I hope you had a great time growing up, as I hope going into my 20’s and really ‘exploring’.

          1. Thanks for your post. I am finding that many bi’s had a unique kind of confusion while coming of age. I’m glad you recognize this at 18 and are looking foreward to your 20’s. You have the right attitude and you live in a more accepting time. Have fun.


  4. I do find her attractive, but she seem anorexic to me, a little more flesh would make her beautiful.

  5. I can’t believe you made me look at a pussy. If anyone needs me I’ll be in the shower.

  6. nothing really attractive. to thin, no female forms. The front pose – no mental reaction, just standing in an unnatural way

  7. Pegged her for a girl right off, but nonetheless not a bad pic at all.
    And yes, guys, please keep in mind that scathing comments may indeed be read by the models / subjects, as it were :-)
    No, we may not all want to see female equipment, but it was, after all, a Trap and you took your chances :-)

  8. I was woundering at first if this was indeed a lad until closer look I could see that this was indeed a las. I would say that if she keeps posing like this she well need a Chiropractor. She has a very pretty face and it would be so much prettier if she put a smile on it.

  9. … it doesn’t get much more anorectic than Freja Beha Erichsen.
    I don’t think the question should be if she’s attractice/aesthetic, but if it’s good to promote a seriously destructive eating disorder

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