Trap Thursday *57

What’s a mother to do when her 12-year-old son has a passion for long hair and lovely dresses? If she’s surrealist artist Margo Selski, she lets him pose as the subject of her fantastical paintings. Selski celebrates her son’s androgyny in an empowering new series of paintings that bring him one step closer to his idol, Lady Gaga. Read on…


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  1. What an amazing story….parents that actually talk the talk and walk the walk. Theo is not only blessed, but so are all the people he will touch in his life.

  2. Theo seems to have a healthy relationship with his parents and his androgyny is accepted. I have to ask myself, why not?

    1. I like the mom’s description of Theo at one point-“surfer dude”…..seems every school somewhere has students to fit that description, even if they are nowhere near a coast..

  3. What kind of world would we have if people were allowed to be who they are in regards to gender and sex and not dressed in either pink or blue as infants?

    1. *remembers some pics of himself as an infant*
      and what when dressed in brown and purple?

      on-topic: the world would be a lot more interesting… it’s good advice for every (future) parent to allow their children to be what ever they are… rise above cultural shackles and dare to be individuals…

      1. Almost to simple and to good to be true considering all the hate, confusion, guilt, abuse, rumor mungoring, SINS OF THE FLESH, bullying, parental rejection, scape goating, discrimination in all forms that have visited upon this whole concern about mochismo.

        I read somewhere that slugs and snails are intersexual. Maybe that would account for all the slime. Anyway, who cares about what is supposed to go where?

  4. I laughed. That is just amazing. How can an American mother..blibble..accept..


    1. It should be a painting. Like the girl with the pearl ear ring. The photo has a classy, timeless look.

  5. He’s so beautiful. I’ve seen his photo too. He has that look in his eye of royalty and sort of mystical too. What a turn on.

  6. A fabulous mom/artist and son/muse. The Facebook site for the gallery has many photos of the artist, model/muses/son and the artwork itself. It is good to see more parents supportive of their gender creative children. As segments of society become more accepting of gender creativity these families with fabulous children are finding support. I hope the movement towards celebrating gender diversity continues – Theo’s family are helping to pave the way.

  7. The lesbo hustler, fag-hag & homo-promo girl Sister Theodora displays a wide range of gays, crossdressers, boy beauties etc fotos/paintings many explicit with mature filters as Sistheo on deviantART. She has a mouth on her so anti-gays get aggro-shit in spades fighting the fight cuz she knows gay luv is right. Even Jesus appears with His manhood & anything goes as the Spirit flows. Some of her art has been banned but she always reappears

    1. “The lesbo hustler, fag-hag & homo-promo …”

      Don’t be shy with your compliments, by all means.

  8. My mom would cry and try to support me, failing at making me feel better… i applaud this woman, seriously.

  9. I looked at her work in Glass Garage gallery. All of her paintings are amazing. I love that she looks like a typical soccer mom, but her mind, her work, her lovely son, not typical.

  10. It’s great to see him being accepted. It’s just a shame this sort of thing usually isn’t accepted in schools or is laughed at in public.

    Anyway, he is very photogenic and makes a great model. He has great hair too.

  11. Best read I’ve had since a while,love how his parents are so supportive and how understanding and knowledgeable his mother is.The bullying part is disturbing,how are such things even tolerated at school

  12. I often wonder why it is that the LGBT community primarily idolizes female figures. Men are always expected to comply with conservative ideals in comparison to women, so how are progressive feminists an inspiration for male liberation? It seems to me that stars like Lady Gaga only reinforce the notion that women alone are inherently admired for questioning social conventions.

    Will we ever see a male star daring to be as outrageous and yet respected as Lady Gaga or Madonna or Katy Perry? It seems the closest we’ve even come in recent years is Adam Lambert, but he hasn’t approached nearly the same level of fame. Why are we still so far behind in 2012?


  13. Dunno, but that storyline reminds me a bit of “Sarah”, the book written by J.T. Leroy

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