11 thoughts on “Trap Thursday *64”

    1. It was seriously the first thing I noticed as soon as I saw the ‘Trap Thursday’ link.

  1. I think he looks hot,but the Adam’s Apple is a give away. If your looking for female attraction I would not be inclined to fall for this one. He may wear the girle clothes,but he ain’t no girl.

  2. I even wonder if he is trying to look like a girl. I get a feeling of something Celtic or ethnic about his attire.

  3. There was a punk group in the area a few years ago, the lead singer was a very pretty boy. During the show he took off his boy clothes to reveal a skirt and tight blouse.

    Needless to say I got his name and number that night.

  4. Hey there,
    Just found this totally randomly on the web.
    And I really don’t give a fuck, but you just should have asked me before. You got my DA, you can at least ask me for posting pictures here.

    And you have to credit the photographer as well.
    I’m really not here for blaming you, or anything else.
    And I really don’t mind if you want pictures of me, but please, just ask before. It’s so easy to drop a little noteon DA.

    I hope something like this won’t happen anymore.
    Thanks and bye

  5. Boys in drag, wow, mind blowing, I adore you.
    love you like hell…………..

    love you

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