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  1. I really like this look – works for me. I mean, how can you go wrong with purple hair?

  2. I clicked below and watched the monologue and thought this guy is adorable. I couldn’t understand a word but I like his jestures and facial expressions. As a young guy I would have tried to connect with him. He is/was my kind of guy.

  3. Is there any Portuguese-speaking person in this community who could offer a synopsis of what cutie is talking about?

    1. He started the video responding to MM the biggest troll we have on Brazil YouTube today, which had criticized him for supposedly liking PC Siqueira (a famous vLogger) and replying that he does watch PC Siquiera cause he thinks his videos are too long and dull…

      He latter states that this video is to people know him better, that his appearance tricks people. Stating that he is 20yo and an homosexual not “gay”, since gay comes bundled with a stereotype that he does not comply…

      He also says that his musical taste is very diverse, and contrary to what people might think, he does not like “restart” (a Brazilian band popular with young girls and gays), his taste varies from everything, including pop, electronic, but what he mainly like is the go’old rock, principally Metal, since he grew up listening to AC/DC, Iron Maiden, Led Zepeling, but he also enjoys hardcore rock and other “old school” stuff.

      He state that while people presume him to be stuck up, he is very nice and out going, that he treats people the way he likes to be treated…

      He respect people tastes and opinions, since they are personal. Also stating that he does not care what people think about him.

      He said that his looks is something that tricks people, cause he was trying to look cute to please people, and that is something he does care anymore. Since he wasn’t born to please any one, and doing so he was not being himself.

      He says that he doesn’t like the club nightlife, saying that he likes to go out with friends in small bars and pubs or attending friends’ parties. Or a rock concert, cause even though a rock concert is crowded, people there are not acting promiscuous, which is something he doesn’t like believing is vulgar. He also does not like to dance.

      There are a lot of young lads that come to his first video, which he tells how he does his hair, and call him a fag and stuff, and he says, “guys fuck off, I am a homo and don’t care what you think.” Stating that most of them come to his channel just to learn how to get a similar look and judge him by his looks.

      He says that he likes everything that is different, he states that he likes to keep in constant change, especially in his looks, and does care about the current fashion or status quo. Although he changes his visual style, he attains to his personally.He has nothing against who follows the fashion, but he doesn’t.

      He keeps a blog to give people tips, cause he enjoy helping people.

      People think that just be cause he is a homosexual, he must act “gay”, talking about fashion and stuff, he states that he has nothing against people who act gay, cause he even has friends that act in such way, but he doesn’t.

      He finishes the video saying that he hopes we liked it and saying that he does not care about negative comments, also he does not know when his next video will come…

      1. Thanks so much for the post. It confirms my visual impression of this guy while watching the video. Intelligent, sensitive and down to earth. Someone who would be fun to talk to.

  4. Very cute. Love the hair and face.

    Saw one of his videos, he makes a cuter boy I think though.

    1. “Not a trap.” Never the less it would be fun to play along to see how far he would go and see who entraps who. He really is “a very cute boy, but a boys”

  5. I do believe that I jumped the gun on my first comment.I did not look at the video and made my comment on the photo alone.I have since watched the video and it is very clear that this is a very good looking young lad who is also has a lot of smarts.I could not understand a word he said,but thanks to Marcos Sartori I now know what he is saying.This 20yo makes a lot of sense.Thanks Josh for this enlightening video.

  6. I thought the boy with the purple hair was adorable.

    Then I went to his site and watched him.. Didn’t understand a word… Thank you Marcos,…

    He is a sweet and beautiful boy no matter what color his hair is.

  7. Well at least he isnt going to have to go through the experience of trying to pretend to his mates or anyone eles that he is in any way straight or not at all gay, i mean how could he? Mikee.

    1. Yeah, but he has to go through the hell of proving he is not just the gay, he is a person and has many other characteristics. And that definitively he does not need to be the hairdresser kind of guy.

      I think the burden of keeping a low profile, having to lie a little bit here and there to some people how may be not be so receptive of your sexuality is way easier than being seeing just as the faggot.

  8. Well i wrote my comment in a humerouse way not intending to be sarcastic or rude which on refiection i can see that it could appear that way, so let me say that i think he is a beutiful young guy and obviously has iots of flair. I hope that in the times we are in he will have a fully accepted, fullfilled and wonderful life.


  10. Hi @ all!

    Wow, looking great!

    Love very female looking, androgynous Traps/Boys.


  11. Am I being very blonde 2 days before Xmas?
    Because I cannot find this (translated) video anywhere?! :-(

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