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  1. wow! Not crazy about traps but this one… He’s not looks like a slavic ethnic type. And no info about him, sadly. Only ive found he is almost 17 now. Some one know source?

    1. Sorry exa13 but I have to correct you. “Slavic ethnic type” is a nonsense, “Slavic” relates to languages, not to racial types. But if you mean “Russian racial type” it’s wrong too, Russians are what anthropologists name “Middle European Subrace” together with French and Germans. Their racial types vary from Swedish-like to Italian-like widely.

      1. Thanks. but I mean not science definition, just my feeling. Because I can see difference of him and most of peoples around me.

  2. He is one boy who definetly wants to be a girl. It’s ttoo bad considering he is one hot boy ( not girl though )

  3. OMG this is what i was waithing for :D :3 he really makes me feel me again hahahaha i <3 him.
    and i'm obsessed with his body is really skinny but…he have teh perfect shape!! :D

  4. He must come from somewhere out on the far side of dimension Z and appearing to be convincing and lifelike but not of this world. There is no archetype for this. Any time spent with him would reduce me to a rediculous wreck having exceeded my mortal capacity for desire and never to find satisfaction again. I would be completely spent.

  5. i live his look and that he is cool with a dress. i would love to run thru the jungle with him.

  6. Well … I will be probably first one who will say something like this. Absolutely disgusting! Sorry guys, but I am gay … so I like boys/men and no this kind of non-gender creatures. I wouldnt like it even like a heterosexual.

    1. You are free to dislike cross-dressing, but calling him a “non-gender creature” is pretty mean.

    2. To each his own but for a bi like me it would be a match made in heaven. In reality young guys like this are just so damn rare. So if all the real gays and herteros out there don’t like this then allow me to be first in line.

    3. In other words, you’re extremely prejudiced and essentially misogynist in your thinking. Good to know.

    4. Unnecessary and offensive, not what is to be expected from the lovely milkboy community…
      There is no reason to call this person that, whether he/she is a trap or a transgendered, or perhaps something different(we can’t say it for sure just from pics)
      An opinion is fine, but that was a statement, a very offensive one.

    5. You’re not the first one nor the last, unfortunately.
      If you dislike these beautiful beings why are you commenting on this article? Please, stay quiet if you have nothing worthwhile to contribute.

  7. I’m not big on boys wearing dresses; but if they like it, I say go for it. My boyfriend has an almost identical build. He looks better in the runway dresses than most of the models. Oh how the ladies hate that!

  8. I’m not at all attracted to guys who cross dress or do drag, as they look too much like girls, and I am definately not attracted to girls. He’s gorgeous though, and I love his slenderness and androgynous looks with beautiful hair. I think he would look great in a nice sports shirt and good fitting jeans. Maybe I’m just too old fashioned though xD

  9. The boy is wonderful!
    I don’t understand people who are so critical to cross-dressing. So what? It’s just a game, and a beautiful game.
    P.S. A couple of tips about these traps
    Look at :
    1. Hands and fingers. Not a size only but a shape too.
    2. A muscular structure of shoulders and upper arms. It is very different for girls and boys.
    3. A neck. Looking from behind boys’ ones are cylindrical while girls’ ones are conical.
    Let’s find other differences and bury the naughty Josh! :)

  10. I can detect that the person in the pics is a “he” from the comments over here… There is one problem : I’m not gay, AND I WANT HIM SO BAD! WHY ISN’T HE A GIRL!!! :(

    1. Why make gender a necessity? Absolutely no reason to do so~ Hehe, that is, if you can look past the genitalia…

      1. It’s true….if a hetero male fell in love with somebody while dating and then discovered they had a ‘penis’, why let that get in the way?

    2. He just might be a girl. Gender has nothing to do with biologically assigned genitalia. Like you I like femenine beauty but this is what I look for but never find.

  11. Another beauteous being an another example of why I love this series…
    … and why I chastise myself for wasting my youth being a whiny little emo hermit while I could have been running away from home looking for just these angels…

  12. This boy is gorgeous as a long haired boy, (pic1).
    Never been too keen on dresses on a boys save for maybe Cole Sprouse in “The Heart Is A Deceitful Thing” or togas and kilts on cute boys!

    This boy, hell any boy can dress as they desire but I personally prefer them just as a beautiful boy of which in this case there is no question.
    Have no problem with a boy so beautiful he’s thought to be a girl especially with long hair like maybe Zack and Taylor Hanson in their most beautiful prime.

    Each to his own for cross dressing I just think him more beautiful as a boy.

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