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      1. “biphobic.” I like that term. Some would say that bisexuals don’t exist. How does one come out as bi and why would we want to?

          1. Are these the people whose only desire is to screw themselves? Sorry couldn’t resist a little poke of fun.

            1. Good pun. However, there are those who simply use their partner as a prosthetic device like a mere extension of themselves. The ultimate narcissist.

          1. Well I could have worded that sentence a little differently but notice I included the word “we.” I am also bisexual. I thought that your use of the word “biphobic” was very creative as I had not seen it before. I find the term very descriptive of those who deny how fluid sexuality can be.

            1. To clear up any misunderstanding, I felt that Weled’s use of the word “monosexual” was equally creative and was meant to cast doubt on their (monosexuals) existance. Of course Cheeky Monky’s pun took this in a different direction which I thought was fun humor.

    1. To each his own but this is what I always hoped to find but never did. A chick with a dick if you will. Even effeminate gays are hard to find today, at least for me as I am now old.

    2. I’m honestly disappointed he/she isn’t a girl.

      For me a dick and that level of feminine beauty do not match. At all. Boys and their dicks are beautiful in a different way.

    3. This site has always featured boys who look like girls and girls who look like boys. At least as far as I can remember. Josh’s tumblr did even include girls who look like girls. What happened with the tumblr, by the way?

      You like boys who look like boys. Good for you, but stop telling people what they can post in their own sites. It’s not nice.

      He (or she) looks amazing.

    4. This site is about boys. All kinds of boys. Different people like different things as you should know. You’d think a site for people who deviate from “normal” heterosexuality would have more tolerance.

  1. This is an AMAZING Trap Thursday… completely fooled me for sure! Thanks for sharing. :]

  2. This is with out a question a very lovely girl with the mst beautiful eyes I have yet too see. That handsome package below is also a thing of beauty.

  3. Everyone here knows I prefer masculine boys to effeminate ones, but hey, I’d do HER anytime.

  4. lol this is 4 the lgbt community. and there r never any girl photos and ik its called milkBOYS but it should reach every1

    1. And what do you think the B in LGBT stands for? And what makes you think boys have to have a penis to be a boy? Not to mention that the above is a boy. With a penis.

  5. I am so confused…..is she/he a girl who was born with a dick (i.e. has both penis and vag), or is that actually a boy who looks incredibly feminine?

  6. boy or girl I don’t care. Looks beautiful and I can make it whatever I want in my mind. Having either one that looks that pretty would be great. An advantage of liking effminate boys is that i can deal with both. :)

  7. Wow had me fooled! I would have sworn this is a girl for sure. He’s definitely a boy, but my mind says GIRL. :)

  8. Sure was a girl, then looked, maybe not. Never mind. Josh, you have always been amazing and this cross-gender stuff, and this site has always had a thing about pretty boys…get with the programme…

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