39 thoughts on “Trap Thursday *76”

  1. How could this fool anyone, the girl on the right is practically framing her boobs? Not to mention that those undies are decidedly roomy in front.

  2. Sizable boobs, no “junk”, no adams apples, wide hips, narrow waist… nothing about this looks remotely like a boy to me.

    Then again I have been single for ages so I might be out of practice.

  3. Both appear to be girls, but the one on the right – Star Wars undies – is rather cute.

  4. I once knew a lesbian girl whom, every time I saw her I would think she was a hot boy. I always thought to myself, “If only there were a dick between those legs, then he’d be perfect. :p

  5. OMG I also got fooled and now that I see it it can’t be unseen . WHYYYYYYY THEY WHERE SOOOOO CUTE (well they still are but but but they are girls )

  6. I don’t know if they are boys or girls, but I wanna remove those beautiful underpants and do sexy stuff to whatever is behind them…

  7. One on the left has to be a girl, girlish feminine legs and arms without any male muscle definition at all. One on the right I’m not so sure about. Kinda looks like a boy, but yeah, sort of looks like breasts (s)he’s hiding. Making a funny face is more boyish than girlish I’d say. I’ll say both girls, but I’m probably wrong. :)

    1. I thought she was a boy at first too, but then I saw the caption about fooling boy blogs, and I looked again and saw the breasts and also her hips are wide for a boy.

  8. That one on the right with the star wars undies has no bulge in those undies, and it looks like she is holding back a boob. Now the one on the left has a tattoo on the underneath of his right arm and there seems too be something in those popeye undies. We that’s my take on these two. I do know you can’t always go by what looks like NO adams apple. My apple never showed. Where do you get those star wars undies.

  9. So come on Josh, give us a link, or tell us out-right, whats the truth about this picture.

  10. Com’n Josh, you’ve gotta give us a link, or the proof of this picture!!! This is the best “Trap” so far since it’s so hard to be sure either way. But you gotta let us know.

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