24 thoughts on “Trap Thursday *77”

  1. Erm, I change my mind. I can see a little Adam’s apple. Ok. A femmy boy, like me. lol.


  2. I’d say a very pretty boy, and one that looks like a few girls I’ve known.

    Now Josh, what about last week’s Trap, I really want to know if those were girls, boys or one of each (my best guess). At least give us a link to the truth. Thanks.

  3. WOW!!! Girl, boy, trans-gender, intersex, whatever, don’t matter, s/he is damn cute, sexy and just really hot.

  4. I would have said girl for sure, as I think I can see breasts, and the hips and legs look very feminine to me. But the caption reads A pretty, pretty boy, so I guess it’s a boy :)

  5. This is Desire Robart.

    She was known for a time as ‘Dez’ on her stickam shows, then became probably best known as Kasey Chase during her short career in the porn industry.

    Common to find this particular pic on tumblr’s and the like devoted to traps though ^^

  6. As a definite boy I can tell some boys can have slightly more feminine hips such as myself (I’m not talking hourglass figure here, I’m just saying that some guys are as straight up and down as a stick insect) If there are boobs then perhaps transexual. Either way, I think he is beautiful regardless of what’s under the skirt.

  7. Is the mark on her arm a vaccine scar? Can anyone help ID it? Did you have a similar reaction? If it’s HPV then it’s very probably a girl.

    Is there much of a female readership of Milkboys?

    1. Just so you know, we give the HPV vaccine to boys now too, since they are frequently carriers of the virus. Also, the HPV is a series of three injections, and rarely produces a scar.

      1. It looks like a scar from a laser tattoo removal. My friend had a big tattoo he had removed and now he has this huge ugly scar left. Maybe he can get a skin graft, but I think brain transplant would be better in his case.

  8. She is a female porn star with the stage name of Diz (I think) But i do know its a she and she is in porn.

  9. Absolutely gorgeous no matter what gender! Something about that face that’s ever so alluring.

    1. I think I know what you mean about the face. Somehow, it is a familiar kind of face. Kinda child like yet very adult and sexy. A friendly, receptive and sensuous face with bedroom eyes, a turned up nose and pouty lips that draw you in. A face that would stand out in any crowd as someone you had seen before but can’t remember where. Mabe it was in your 3rd grade class when you first felt the urge to kiss or in a smoke filled skyroom bar but a face you instantly recognize.

      1. That’s exactly what! I’m still a bit disappointed though as far as the eyes. Those are the first feature I notice about anyone’s face, and probably the one I savor the most. A much desired close up and possible conversation might clear that up, though! Thanks for that, Bruce. :)

  10. maybe the sultry look does it but boy or girl i really just want to kiss him/her.

    1. Yeah, the kiss. Is there really anything more passionate than a kiss to express intense emotion? The “sultry” photo above certainly inspires such passion.

  11. scars are from cutting himself. If you google his name you will see he was arrested on drug charges and could be someone best friend in prison

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