28 thoughts on “Trap Thursday *79”

  1. Hmm – this is quite tricky ‘cos of the limited view of the body. The nose is more masculine than feminine, though.

  2. First impression that hit me was that he or she resembled a young Aaron Carter in the eyes and mouth.

    No idea on this one but whatever it is, I’ll take it!

  3. look like a boy but something about the eyes mouth and ear combination scream girl… but i maintain boy.

  4. Yes, it’s a boy… The eyes, nose and lips are all boy… But he also has very strong feminine features…. Totally cutie regardless.

  5. Some of you clowns don’t know a girl from a boy. This is 100% Boy and if any one sees a girl here you best see an eye doctor.

  6. I do not recall ever seeing a girl with ear lobe expanders. Looks like a boy to me. This is a nice face but the ear lobe expanders are a real turn off for me.

  7. Looks like a boy to me. Masculine face, and I agree with what Bruce says. Gauges, or whatever they call them are ugly, and I’ve never seen a girl with them.

  8. @Bruce Tharp and daveboy: You both are so right about the earlobe expanders. Why any boy would want to do this to his ears is beyond me. I can see getting them pierced but this other thing is a real turn off for me.

    1. It’s funny how such a liberal community at the same time can be so conservative and easily provoked.

  9. WHATEVER it is, it sure was cute at one time, but now it’s turned itself into a basket case.

    1. It kinda shocks and disappoints me how reactionary some people can be on this site. Between the occasional racism, the anti-feminist conspiracy theorizing, the myopic and dated hatred of hip-hop music (a genre of music which isn’t even by and large homophobic any more) and the vicious personal attacks on people with piercings I often feel the comments lower the quality of this site rather than raise it.

      1. There is nothing more offensive than the phony, manufactured sensitivity of someone claiming to be offended.

        BTW, did I mention I HATE hip-hop music?

        1. Well, it is often pointed out to me that not all rap is gansta rap and there are sanitized forms of rap but for me much of it still sounds hostile. African-American and Country music used to have some of the best lyric writing in the industry. I’d love to see a new young African-American record blues or soul and play the guitar like BB King. But that is just me.

  10. I got sick to death of “rap” after nly a few years. To me, it was yet one more terrible “fad” that inexplicably refused to go away! Plus, more than any previous one I could think of, not only did it all sound like “just noise” to me, but every single “rap” recording I heard BLASTED on stereos in my neighborhood (so loud you could hear it blocks away), every single recording seemed to have EXACTLY the same number of notes, beats, structure, like some really dirty, ugly form of audio haiku. Only the words changed, and to many of them were nasty and profane.

    I recall walking thru my neighborhood one day back in the early 80’s and being delighted when some guy in a cadillac drove by, his sterop BLASTING way too loud, but what he had on was Sam Cooke’s “Cupid”.

    1. “…dirty, ugly form of audio haiku.” Great description. In the final analysis, it aint nothn but cussn and fuckn. Example: “When my sticky icky touches your ooy gooy.” Lyrics certain to grab your soul.

      1. “Never was much of a romantic
        I could never take the intimacy
        And I knew I did damage
        ‘Cause the look in your eyes is killin’ me”

        – also a rap lyric.

        By contrast:

        “Well, just as tight as you can make it
        Hard and slow ain’t hard enough
        Just as tight as you can shake it
        Girl, get it on and do your stuff”

        – a John Lennon lyric.

        Stop judging things you don’t know about.

    2. “Only the words changed, and to many of them were nasty and profane.”

      Exactly the kind of ignorance I’m talking about. You’re hating a vast genre of music with a 30+ year history based on a small fraction aimed at the lowest common denominator. I have no problem with people having different opinions, it’s when they make ad hominems or judge things based on stereotypes that I get upset.

    1. And so are his lips. Can you imagine looking at him in a bright moon light with that blond hair and those lips?

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