19 thoughts on “Trap Thursday *81”

  1. To me, looks to be a boy but with small feminine breasts — appears to ‘show’ a left breast nipple. But the lower half appears to be male. My take.

  2. What a cute boy ! OMG ! I think I’m in love now ^^

    @penboy : He’s maybe a transsexual or want to be one ?? In both case, He’s very pretty ! ^^

    1. I was only commenting on how I saw the physical attributes since this is a “trap” and josh likes to see us “guess the prize.” I have no problem how he/she wishes to live his/her life. More power to him/her and others like him/her.

  3. I agree with Penboy’s assessment and I will add, s/he has a robust brow. A cute transsexual would interest me. Make mine blonde although this one is very attractive.

  4. That’s a very lovely shade of blue in the highlighted hair. Mine always turns out muddy teal/green.

  5. I just see something really pretty. Don’t care if it guy or girl I’d love to hold her/him close.

  6. I don’t know What it is, but it’s lovely, beautiful and well-
    proportioned with a nice smile. One of the few pics that really is attracting to me!

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