14 thoughts on “Trap Thursday *82”

  1. OMG OMG OMG… He’s beautiful…. Hmmmm but not in a sex object way… Just really beautiful…

    As for making the viewer question his gender???
    LOL – No success — he’s 100% boy at first glance of less than a millisecond….

    I’d love to have a friend that looked like him…

      1. I’ll read more slowly next time — :)
        But no change — my initial impression is still 100% male.

        1. I don’t think you understand what gender identity means ;) It has nothing to do with someone’s body, there’s no way of telling which gender identity someone has by looking at the person.

        2. The person pictured could be biologically a ‘boy’ or even intersex, but identify as female, male or neither. Gender development and sexual development are not interchangeable. We used to say traditional gender roles were “normal”. But more accurately, they are just “common”. It’s a beautiful human process…don’t short-change it by assuming you can define gender identity by just looking at someone..

          1. @ Real1
            Your statement is correct and accordingly the whole purpose of the photo series is futile no matter what the model wears or how he poses.

            Meanwhile, to me, the images scream ‘maleness’

            1. The joy in being a model like that is you can ‘be’ whatever you want to and capitalize on the visual illusion.

  2. I wonder what being male and looking like a girl does to a person. Most likely they find themselves living in a girl-like world. Straight guys pick on them because they’re secretly attracted to him.

  3. There’s something so beautiful and stunningly feminine about them. Upon first glance of the top right picture, I swore they were a biological girl and I was looking at a breast until I realized they’re a biological boy from the other pictures. People who can pull off such a look as in this set are amazing.

    Even if he is a biological male, there’s something very intersex about it that’s attractive on a level that makes me want to explore my own sexuality a bit further. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a photo of a person that was quite like this.

    Very beautiful =)

    1. Yes, fashion is a beautiful illusion anyway and this is the next logical step….marvelous stuff!

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