I’d like to offer you a little clarification about Trap Thursdays: Posts under the Trap Thursday category feature both androgynous & cross dressing people and transgendered people.

In case of the former you should understand the “Trap” in the post title in the classical sense: People who are easily mistaken for their “opposite” gender (I put opposite in quotation marks because the whole purpose of these posts is to show that something like hard-coded genders don’t exist and don’t matter because eventually all that matters is that you think a person is beautiful and if you can’t even tell if someone is a boy or a girl or something in-between… why bothering caring then?)

Transgendered people on the other hand aren’t traps since a transgender boy actually is a boy and a transgender girl is a girl, regardless of the gender they were assigned at birth.

So if you see a transgendered person posted as Trap Thursday this doesn’t mean anyone wants to imply they want to trap someone. In these cases please understand “Trap” as “trapped in the wrong body” (when it’s someone who didn’t have sex reassignment surgery yet or doesn’t want to have it) or “having escaped the trap of a wrong body” (when it’s someone who had sex reassignment surgery). OK? :)