Trisexual Teenage Trivia?

A new recommendation report from Britain’s Equality and Human Rights Commission calls for asking kids as young as 11 about their sexuality. Naturally, everyone is in full support. Wink!

If the commission has its way, the questionnaire that would be circulated among youth would not require parental consent. It would also record those deemed to be "questioning" their sexuality.

It says monitoring sexual orientation among youngsters could help to prevent them from becoming victims of discrimination, and claims that ‘some young people begin to question their sexual orientation as early as age eight and may begin to identify as LGB (lesbian, gay, bisexual) from early adolescence’. The report has provoked outrage. Graham Stuart, Tory chairman of the Commons education select committee, said the plans were ‘invasive, sinister and threatening’. He added: ‘School should be a place of safety, not a place where pupils are picked over for the purpose of some quango; and many children won’t understand what they are talking about.’

The report – Researching and Monitoring Adolescence and Sexual Orientation: Asking the Right Questions, at the Right Time – says it is ‘critical’ to track children’s sexuality to ‘shed light on the complexities of young people’s developing sexual orientation and how this may disadvantage them’. It tell researchers not to dismiss gay feelings of interviewees as ‘a passing phase’. Some youngsters, it says, may use categories such as ‘questioning’, ‘queer’, ‘pansexual’, ‘genderqueer’, ‘asexual’, ‘pan-romantic’ and even ‘trisexual’.

That last one, trisexual, of course means kids will "try anything." Including "try to made government reports look stupid by offering nonsensical answers."

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24 thoughts on “Trisexual Teenage Trivia?”

  1. If the results are private then I see no harm. As long as there is no database full of children with a list of their possible sexual orientations of course. I think the findings could help with funding and aid to younger people struggling to understand their sexual orientation. And this isn’t just a gay-male problem, women, bi-sexual and trans-gender often need more help because they’re often even more confused, then people are gay, as its more talked about and open then lets say a bi-sexual guy, or trans-gender which is still like being gay in the 70s for the most part.

    1. Believe me, if the gov’t is involved, the chances are pretty good there will be a database.
      The whole idea, if undertaken for purely helpful purposes, could actually be of benefit, but my experience has proven that positions of power such as that often attract individuals who would see the information at hand used in an ill manner.

  2. Ummm, I’m not a fan. Too many ways this can go wrong. For instance, if the results are shared with parents that would be bad. If my dad got wind that I was questioning my sexuality at 11, he would had a fit. Plus, how many of these kids at age 8 know what gay, lesbian, or bi mean? I didn’t hear gay for the first time until 13. I just see so much wrong with this. But that’s just me.

    1. at 12 i was fully aware girls weren’t my thing…
      took till i was 16 to come out, due to fear of how parents react…

      my nephew just became 16 he allready knew few years too… I believe he said 8yrs too…

      Ofcourse it’s not the same for everyone… and not all (pre-)teens know what the feeling exactly is and they can search a very long time to place it…

      However I do think any research/questioning should remain anonimous or only be used when they need help…

      Parents should NEVER be notified as you should always tell them yourself, hearing from something else hurts way more as they get the feeling you don’t trust them

      1. yeah, if it was an anonymous survey, then ok. but my take on it is that it probably isn’t. if i’m wrong, please correct me. i’d love for something like this to go right.

    2. it sounds like they are doing the survey solely for statistical purposes. they don’t even ask for names on these things.

      and I’ve heard plenty of stories of people discovering themselves as young as 8. it typically doesn’t occur until early stages of puberty when boys start thinking about sex, but the early signs are there younger than that.

      i think its a great thing to put some science behind.

      1. The 8 y/o awareness of same sex attraction/preference is more common than many would think. It could prove useful to obtain some solid research on early awareness and prevlence of same sex attraction.

  3. The current Census going on the UK asks detailed questions for the first time about Same Sex Partnerships. In fact, there is no option to say you are “single” but 4 different options for Same sex relationship status.

    Add to this the company behind the data capture and storage for the Census is linked directly to Lockheed Martin you can understand why I’m pretty concerned about this type of questionnaire going out to kids.

    What the hell business is it of the government to know any of this stuff? Its bad enough asking personal questions of adults but seriously, leave the kids out of it.

    I’m sure the world can be made more gay friendly without knowing how many 11 year olds think they fancy their best friend.

    1. Lockheed Martin? WTF? They aren’t even the govenment. They are a government-utilized commercial company and so have been scratching each others’ backs for years, but they’re behind the survey? What’s your source on that? Just wondering. And what would / could LM’s motivation be for such a funding?

      1. I only ask because I am in the aerospace industry here in the U.S., and have come in contact w/ Lockheed Martin on this professional level. Just wondering what agenda they – if indeed the source is correct – have for being interested in such an issue.

  4. I dunno, I think it’s a good idea they try to look into how sexual orientation develops. I def. knew I was into blokes (and into a whole lot of dark shite) when I was 9 years old. I may not have had the correct words, but I knew. And it would have helped bundles if I’d goten the feeling that this was actually nothing all that out of the ordinary, and if my earliest serious sex ed hadn’t been getting chatted at by BLs on the web. Plus, I really think that a lot of adults could do with some scientific education on how early kids have serious sex issues. This idea we are all innocent, unspoilt angels until we get to 16 or 17 and then we get suddenly abducted and replaced by evil sex-fiends that nobody can leave alone with a girl or so, seriously has to go.

    @Rusty: Yup. Had to smile at that, too. (Had a mate who used to say that: “I’m a trisexual. I’ll try everything once except incest and folk dance.”)

  5. I’m sure this idea was well intentioned, just not well thought through. There are SOOO many potentially scary aspects to this. My own personal bent is to give the government (or business) as little information about me as possible. What starts out innocently enough can later be twisted to other purposes by law enforement or bureaucrats who don’t have your best interests in mind. Post 9-11 we have plenty examples of laws intended to be used for hunting terrorists being applied to other areas.

  6. I don’t like this. The data of this study can do a lot of harm, and bias involved, that our fundamental cultural roots see it as wrong, is too difficult to over come and too damaging to warrant it.

    In short, hearing the evangelicals in this country and knowing that they can do anything because it is within their right to practice their beliefs (such as not selling the Day After Pill or not treating a woman for an unwanted baby even due to incest or rape unless PROVEN) I think this study only opens the door for extreme isolation and mistreatment of underage people who believe or feel they are gay or bi-sexual, or gender different.

  7. why all the fuzz .. ??

    let’s for once see it in a mature way :

    create a safe environment made up of a climate in which no one is threatened, or pushed or asked anything at all, BUT .. to be able to … be who they are, develop at their own pace … that means provide advice + assistence on an equal + overall free-choice-basis .. as it is a matter of being conscious, aware + together as beings.

    any pressure works counterproductive and either ways of course …

    politicians that are raging on these issues anyway .. have in their youth somehow been left alone, betrayed or maybe even abused either physically or psychologically by the climate-of-their-time (mostly 50’s) and can still be helped even today, if they want.

    wake up everybody !

    and good luck .. and courage to bullied (mainly) boys ..

  8. 11 years old is too young to be pressurising kids about their sexuality. Some kids probably haven’t given it much thought by this stage, some would be confused, some may be unsure and some may know. It is a figuring out stage but i don’t think asking children to define themselves at that age is appropriate. I say this, but i could have at 11 i just wouldn’t have wanted to so no, i dont think these questionnaires are needed, or a good idea.

    Rowan <3

    1. Yeah, I agree. I’d also like to see how they word the question. Because if it’s anything like the inappropriate touch talk, they’ll end up just answering it for you. Also, a lot of kids around that age go through a faze of barely even talking to girls, let alone hanging out with them, often in fear of classmates teasing them about having a crush on a girl. I would hate to see the day of this going both ways, and kids just ending up playing on there own. questions do more harm than good in my opinion. I’d leave it, at least till they at high school. Let child explore and learn on there own.

  9. This is the kind of thing one think of his head and then thing of something better…

    At this age if one know is sexuality and is honest with himself the odds of being honest in a classroom right beside his classmates isn’t very good for non heterosexual kids…
    Just write the same as the other guy…
    Its like asking a religious person if thinks is crazy for taking with a invisible friend…

  10. Lockheed Martin, Boeing, and others have been marketing their services in areas outside the aerospace industry for years. It’s a way to profitably utilise staff and computer downtime when aerospace is slow, and to supplement the bottom line. I find them bidding on all sorts of government contracts, but what they are doing in many cases is playing middleman and outsourcing the product or service. I suspect that’s their sole involvement in this project. I hope reports that it’s simply a statistical survey are correct. This sort of thing is done all the time in the US and Canada. An actual database of personally identifiable information for the use of school or government staff would be unthinkable.

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