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  1. I’m not familiar with this kid but I checked out the movie “Spud” and it looks like a fun movie. Cute kid. I like the well mannered, sophisticated, British school boy look.

  2. He needs to develop his lungs, though, with chest and abdomen exercises – and his aitches. I find ‘cumomtome’ – repeated so many times – a real turn off.

  3. He was also in Wolverine, Josh you should have used his new cover of Katy Perry’s “The one that go away” so good!!! Glad Troye has made it to the front page again, deserves to be here ALOT more.

  4. He was good in Spud ( although the movie itself was poor compared to the books) and he is a lovely looking boy. I can’t help feeling he is the product of pushy parents though. The fact he is homeschooled says a lot.

    1. He only became home schooled when he was in LA for filming Wolverine. Because he would have fallen behind and after that, he was in a couple of plays, one where he co-stared with Sir Ian McKellen who said “Troye is a lovely person”. You cant argue with a gay Knight. His parents are not pushy, but supportive and they have 3 other children.

  5. He’s Australian (South African parents), so the tag is slightly wrong. Also, he doesn’t use autotune, but he does have an ‘echo’ effect enabled which is a little too strong.

    He does a great cover of John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ when he was younger. Check it out.

    Oh, and for those interested in such things, he’s circumcised (He’s Jewish).

  6. I love the fundamental quality of his voice and it can only get better with experience and training; he’s still very young.

  7. Well, I watched the video FAQ from last year. Right at the end he talks about “older” fans. Says the two big groups he has are 13-17yo girls and 45-50yo men. And he is cool with that! Also, when he talks about relationships, he always says “person”. Hope springs eternal…

  8. Thanks Josh and Myrmyra, he sings great worth the watching, even I am way out of his stated audience range. Proves Joshes point long ago he has this site to display young talent. I used to worry some appear a bit too young for the site, now I see Josh’s point.

    This is neither a looker nor a poser Just a great young rising star like Ronan Parke, and Even Chris Colfer that Josh featured the first I heard of that one also.

    1. I really appreciate your comments re: this site which I find to be very original and sophisticated and tends to attract like minded regulars who post here. “Just a great young rising star like Ronan Park.” I think you nailed it. At least for me, Ronan is the face of Milkboys.

  9. He has an active twitter account too. I’ve even gotten a few replys. Always charming and polite. Check him out…

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