16 thoughts on “Tummy Tuesday *14”

  1. What a cute one. He’s got so much going for him yet he looks so down…Hope he feels better in the morning.

  2. A very adorable boy who loves to “tuck” his equipment for a photo :-)
    Even though B&W photos usually bring out the superior aspects of the subject, this boy is m-u-c-h more stunning in color. His hair, skin, eyes, and demeanor all compliment each other for a wonderful…view.

  3. He is a good looking boy indeed.

    I’m sure he’d look as good in a well-executed B&W as he does in the color picture. To be honest, I think he looks great in the B&W. It’s just that the B&W image needs some tonal tweaking and slightly higher contrast to show him to best advantage.

    1. He’s Dutch, trust me, we killed zombies together ;D

      And Björn Borg is worn all over the world, really ;)

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