39 thoughts on “Tummy Tuesday *16”

    1. I think he just took off his shirt. Seems alot easier than photoshopping it out of the photo.

  1. Damn Fine! And doesn’t he know it lol!!! Lovin’ that face,his hair,those cheekbones and his smooth,toned physique. Did I mention that ‘Hypnotic’ belly-button of his!!! Well done Josh!

  2. nom nom nom…
    there are 2 photos that i cant seem to stay away from. this one, and #19 from ‘Mirror Monday’ *pant pant*

  3. Those skinny, veiny torsos always look more masculine to me than big beefy muscles. Sexy as well. And a nice face..good hair. He has it all !

  4. He’s the kind of boi that I’ll try to discretely check out as a walk by, but then I crash into a trash can or something.

  5. AHHHH. Creamy smooth flesh stretched tight over firm young muscles. Undefaced by tats or other grafitti. Great hair, succulent lips, a lollipop of a body…probably hung like a dinosaur.

    Crap. He’s probably straight as an arrow, “A” List popular at his school, is a master of seduction, and bangs a new babe every week. Girls he’s done refer their friends to him for sex – he’s that good. Already. Heck, he’s even secretly done a few of their moms. Well, at least I can fantasize about all that. I’ll survive.

    1. would be nicer if he swings both way, he looks like someone who would, at least once just for fun…

  6. the boy is indeed a man! i don’t like this age. veins socks. he’s not beautiful. what does he have to look at? just his sex is male!
    Josh! what do u think to be attractive in this that caused u share it?!

    1. jaackov, he’s not that bad looking. Of course, since your avatar is “cherry boy” who has become a boy icon, then maybe this boy is not exactly to your taste. Viva la difference!

  7. Boy o Boy. So many have a fixation on this lads vains. He have no problem giving blood at the blood bank. Of course if he did that there would be folks who would say he was doing that wrong,

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