19 thoughts on “Tummy Tuesday *17”

  1. I love it! Curious boys comparing tummies. And then a bit later, go inside that house and continue the comparisons? :D

  2. I love sexy skate boarding punks, although these boys don’t really have that punk look.

  3. Ah yes the machismo preoccupation of so called heteronormal teen boys replete with gansta inspired boxer shorts and sagging. Got to have that six pack. However, I think the statistical probabability (which is more frequent than one out of ten) of one of these three having a secret desire is very good.

    1. There is this extremely cute boy from my film class last year who wears his pants low, skateboards, etc. and when he found out I’m gay, he sorta became more and more curious and we ended up falling for each other in a way that was completely against both of our expectations. Your comment really reminded me of him. I can’t wait to seem him again.

  4. This is the kind of situation that has caused me to 1) Suffer painful neck strain and, 2) nearly rear-end parked cars when I’m driving down the street… It seems as though I’m more at-risk for injury than the sk8tr boys.

  5. I like the cute side profile of the face and hair with the boy in stripes. I suspect the boy with his back facing us is equally cute.

  6. The boy on the right is my favorite of this picture, despite being the least exposed as it were.

  7. This could be my street. I live on a hill and of course young hot boys in skin tight jeans and board shorts go skateboarding down it. Its a lovely site even though I am not much older than some of them and I have been known to join them. Great picture.

    1. Skin tight jeans are back? That would be great news. I am so tired of the baggy thug look.

      1. Check out the Levis 510’s, they are my fav skinny jeans and not as expensive $75. or so than the other brands.

  8. Yup,

    Skinny jeans are back. You should see the skinny jeans and sagging combo — hysterical!


    1. I think that is popular in Scandinavia as I have seen some videos of Swedish kids dressed that way and it is hysterical.

  9. These guys remind me of a game we used to play with my neighbours. We used to gather up at someone’s house and play something similar to poker but instead of money or poker chips we used our clothes:)

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