10 thoughts on “Tummy Tuesday *19”

  1. He’s got that “V,” he’s got those nipples, he’s got that cute face, he’s got that sag, he’s got that thick neck and he’s got that “Ya, you know want me” look… Doors will open for this one, for sure.

    1. He does appear to be fairly confrontational, and possibly has been influenced through some of his peer’s ‘gangsta’s attitudes’, but who knows for sure. Possibly inside he’s actually very sensitive, and is only putting on this veneer of attitude for self-protection. Just a thought :)

      1. This boy is a model and as a model he is assuming a role for this photo. If he was an American boy who identifies with antisocial street culture he would have a harder edge to him and not have such a clean, well scrubed and healthy look. I would like to see other photos as he is a good looking boy.

        1. @daveboy
          click on his name at the bottom of the photo. The boy has some good photos there.

  2. very handsome. I prefer his angelic looks, which are more what he is really. Thnaks.

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