12 thoughts on “Tummy Tuesday *23”

  1. Just makes you want to open your hand and gently rub that tight, smooooth belly…

    Plus give him whatever he needs.

  2. I actually find pictures like this more erotic and stimulating to the senses than those which show everything. I’m not sure what it is, but something about lean muscle structure, the little curves, shadows, and highlights caused by the way someone bends or angles their body…it’s quite sexy.

    Also, I own that exact same razorblade wire necklace he’s wearing =)

    1. I really have to agree with you.

      I think it’s also about the body language it shows in this way, it’s like “I submit to you, because I trust you with it” And who wouldn’t want to hear that (s)he’s trusted so greatly.
      As for the rest.. you couldn’t have put it down in a better way.

    2. everything about Milo is sexy and he don’t need to show his stuff, his pics are great as they are

  3. Wow – almost as cut as mauw mauw himself… Thanks Milo, Thanks Josh.
    Love from Tejas !

    1. urmmmm – that is supposed to be “cute”, although I suppose that “cut” will work….

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