41 thoughts on “Tummy Tuesday *41”

  1. I think it is goeff himself if you look at his blog very nice young men I wouldn’t mind holding that torpedo

    1. Yes, I think you’re correct. He has a nice enough face and his body is very nice (with excellent attachments), but his “ear-ring” is enough to turn me off. I don’t mind attaching ear-rings, but when they mutilate the skin/body [earlobes] just to wear “jewelry”, then it’s too much for me to bother with.

      I just prefer more “natural”.

    1. “but cock pic looks photo shopped….”

      I had similar thoughts …. but it could be just the angle it was photographed from/viewing since he is bending down some. Hard to say …..

      1. I think your right – just the way it was shot with a wide angle lens up close, so gives that distortion. Even the smallest willie can be made to look like a horse’s if you use the right camera trickery!

    2. I don’t agree Jay simply because I cannot imagine somebody photo-shopping their penis to make it look so small

  2. every thing about this dude his lips body and what about that piece of meat enough to make you drool.

  3. Heat-seeking missile.. target in sight… wonder if he ever gets past 90° angle, cos a lot of ‘heavier’ cocks, don’t. They tend to just hang there, looking mean.

  4. Penis definitely looks like a poor attempt to PhotoShop, IMHO. I’m sure that this boy’s own anatomy is perfectly satisfactory, so I am perplexed that someone felt it necessary to replace his penis…

  5. It’s meant to be Tummy Tuesday – but seems everyone whos commented so far has been distracted by that thing which is obviously meant to be the focus of attention!

        1. I think you will find his face is on the front of his head at all times. Just kidding ca07bb and anyway when I was his age (or maybe a little younger) I wasn’t usually in a position to see the face.

  6. Real shlong, fake shlong…I’m in love with his cute ears (not the guages). He’s a cutey that I’ll certainly follow.

  7. @Penboy. I do so agree with your comment on the ear distortion.. That has always been a turn off for me. I was to busy looking at his junk to see what he had done to his poor earlobes. Different strokes for different folks.

  8. I found this and thought it quite interesting:

    “The ear is one of the engineering marvels of the world. The part of the ear we are focusing on in this article is the part you see–the outer ear called the pinna. This outer part made of cartilage, and skin is not just a display case for men’s and women’s vanity. It is a vital part of our hearing machinery, and is designed to do a very specific job.

    “When a sound enters the outer ear, it bounces around the pinna’s edges, enhancing some frequencies and damping others. Since everyone’s ears are different, the sound that comes to the brain is unique to the individual, and the brain learns the pattern the person’s pinna sends. The pinna’s pattern tells the brain whether the sound is above us or below us. Horizontal recognition of a sound is accomplished by sound coming to the brain from the two ears.

    “When scientists alter the shape of the pinna by wax molds, the subjects were unable to tell whether the sound was above or below them. In three weeks or so the brain relearned the ear shape, and the subjects were able to regain their ability to recognize vertical positions.

    “We really hear with our brains, just as we see with our brains, but our eyes and ears are incredibly well engineered to provide our brain with data that makes our senses work. The outer ear can be decorated in all kinds of ways by mankind, but it was designed to do a vital job — and that is to hear and listen.”


    So, the more metal jewelry you put in your [outer] ears, the more metallic-sounding your hearing might be. Plastic jewelry you put in your [outer] ears, the more plastic-sounding your hearing might be. Bone [as in Africa] jewelry you put in your [outer] ears, the more bone-sounding your hearing might be. Wood jewelry you put in your [outer] ears, the more woody-sounding your hearing might be.


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