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  1. The only thing I don’t like about cigarettes is that they make people’s tongues taste bad. I guess that’s what mints are for…
    Anyway – very handsome guy.

    1. lol I bet he’s looking 42 times better than you do.

      ugly… seriously, on what planet do you live?

    2. dude, WHERE do you get the idea that’s it’s ok to talk TO people like that? “Hi, you’re ugly.”
      I would humbly suggest that you reconsider how you post your opinions, because, as it’s been pointed out, the models do indeed sometimes see these comments…

  2. “uglier with cigarettes..”

    these people find beauty or ugliness on a damn object someone’s holding. and keep feeding their minds with thoughts that teenagers are immaculate angels (or that they should be). next thing they’ll say is that “oh, he’s cute, but he’s holding hands with a girl… EEEW! now he’s ugly..”

    1. I wouldn’t say uglier with cigarettes, but I would say obviously less intelligent for smoking them and therefore less attractive over all. With the data on their effects a person has to be a fool to smoke them. There is absolutely no upside to smoking cigarettes. At least with other things like marijuana there is a serious pain killing attribute. Enough even to alleviate the pain of cancer in many cases. Smoking cigarettes is a combination of slow suicide and the aiding financially of the people who lobby in DC to further ruin the world. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

      1. You are soooooo wrong. Smoking has nothing to do with being stupid. And people don’t just smoke to be cool. If you had the personality type that makes you want to smoke, then you would understand. Most people do things that are far more dangerous than cigarettes everyday, e.g. driving a car.

  3. We all know that smoking is bad but it also symbolizes defiance and tells us that he is deciding things on his own even if it bad..
    I like him++
    Also, he Russian.

  4. I was never one to enjoy licking out the bottom of an ash tray. However. in spite of the rough edge to his pose, I find him to be a seriously beautiful young guy. I can imagine this guy with a more engaging posture, facial expression and minus the cigarett. Kind of a shame really as I find him to be , at least physically, very attractive.

  5. i don’t care how cute a boy is, i won’t have anything to dew with him if he smokes.
    its a TOTAL turn-off for me…
    and the smell is stomach-turning disgusting.

    & @ larkin – “…symbolizes defiance…”? no, that merely symbolizes stupidity.

  6. Do we have to ram it down your throats to make you understand?
    And he’s fucking hot so fuck you all.

    1. good! i dew hope they read what we say! so if they know how to read, then perhaps they will read that smoking is a turn-off, stupid, and is bad for them.
      add to that it is a waste of money, and only serves to make the tobacco industry rich.
      BTW, and where dew you get off saying “WE”? sorry, but if you haven’t noticed you are in the minority, most of “US” disagree with you.

      1. Well, for what it’s worth, I actually asked people leaving comments here to keep negative remarks about the people featured here to themselves. You may criticise the photo itself for its quality or its artistic value (or the lack thereof) but keep in mind that often enough the people ON the photos stumble upon the posts and comments and there is no need to hurt their feelings… especially when they, like someone else pointed out, probably look better than 99% of us around here.


        1. Quote: “but keep in mind that often enough the people ON the photos stumble upon the posts and comments and there is no need to hurt their feelings… especially when they, like someone else pointed out, probably look better than 99% of us around here.”

          Absolutely true… I’ll hold on to what was said to me as a young boy by my parents:

          “If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all”.

          We must always be diligent to be respectful of all others as we go through life, whether it’s an online comment or a real life situation..

          On a sidenote, I will say that I grew up in a family of smokers. Both parents smoked, and so did all of my siblings. It was the norm back then, and the majority of my generation did smoke. just because someone smokes, doesn’t necessarily make them a bad person. (end of rant). :P


      2. I still stand by what I said BUT perhaps I could’ve said a little less rude. I apologize for that.
        Drinking and typing don’t mix..

  7. For what it’s worth, in this late stage of the comments, I happen to like him. He looks like a boy that isn’t afraid of much and would hardly care what the fuck all these dizzy queens making negative comments might think of him. This is exactly the kind of boy I like to hang around with. I’d suggest he blow a huge cloud of smoke in your face and then give you a good kick in the ass.

  8. Smoke…what smoke? I’d be so intent on kissing and licking that tummy of his, I don’t think I’d even notice if he was on fire!

  9. Nice eyes, hair, lips, body…. and I DO hope the model stumbles onto this site and see THIS comment :-)
    No, I don’t like smoking all that much, but the boy may or may not smoke all his life. It m-a-y only be a prop for the photo (altho’, I doubt it…), but nonetheless, he’s a beautiful boy.
    Thanks Josh.

  10. Shut up already about the cigarette. This kid is gorgeous! Some boys smoke. Get over it and stop sounding like a bunch of infantile whiners.

  11. He may not even smoke you fools! Ever heard of a photo shoot before? Look at photographs for their artistic merit and stop bickering. Not sure who shot this, but it’s composition is beautiful!

  12. оказывается, кроме меня, в России есть другие красивые мальчики :D

    1. OMG! Are you the boy in the photo? I am going to have a heart attack just thinking about you!

  13. Brutally beautiful, I don’t mind the ciggy personally. Too bad here we don’t get that kind of pretty, but we get pretty too…

  14. Extremely georgous look, an amazingly brutally beauty. More of this! And sure they can smoke!

  15. He’s so hot I now need a cigarette xD
    I love everything about him, including the smoking x

  16. Good-looking boy who has gone off the rails (smoking, piercing in nose – I’m surprised nobody has commented on the nose-ring!). This picture brings back an unhappy memory of a tall blond-haired boy known to me who revealed his terrifically chiselled chest on stage at the end of a show, then turned up at a school reunion all in black leather with zips everywhere and a stud in his chin, AND smoking…


  18. I came across this pic so i just had to post a comment when i saw all the stupid comments. first of all: people must be truly blind! he is smoking. oh so what! second: his facial expression isnt what it is normaly but you can still see his beauty. 3rd of all: this is stav strashko. google his name before you ignorants say that he is “ugly”. he is not, he is very beautiful! its so lame too see people jugde a boy because of a cigarette. you are blind!

  19. Where’s the ‘tummy’?
    He’s a hurdle o’bones.
    Rather nice bones, admittedly….
    Cute, sweet face- despite doing his damnedest to look unpleasingly ‘cool’.

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