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  1. So eminently watchable! A beautiful soul. And his voice…a little Janis Joplin in there I think.

    Thank you for posting this.

    1. Here are the words to his song.

      I will die someday
      But right now it feels quite far away
      I will die someday
      Let’s hope it’s not today

      I know life is today
      Tomorrow can’t wait
      My head want’s to move on
      But my heart want’s to stay

      I’m just a kid with a guitar in my hands
      But I know something that some can’t understand

      ‘Cause we live and we die
      I do whatever I like
      Life is now, so let’s try
      To live our whole life out
      And it starts now

      My parents, they say
      Do all the fun tomorrow, do the boring stuff today
      But I say that’s wrong
      I’ll do the fun things today, and the other things can wait

      ‘Cause we only live once
      So don’t blow it, take a chance
      To do exactly what you want

      ‘Cause we live and we die
      I do whatever I like
      Life is now so let’s try
      To live our whole life out
      And it starts now

      I love you, you love me
      That’s the way it was suppose to be
      But now you left me, you hurt me
      But I guess that was just ment to be
      Yeah, I loved you, you loved me
      That’s the way it was suppose to be
      But now you’re with him, and not with me
      And I can’t change that if that’s how you feel

      ‘Cause we live and we die
      I do whatever I like
      Life is now
      So let’s live our whole life out
      And it starts now

      I will die someday
      But right now it feels quite far away
      I will die someday
      Let’s hope it’s not today

  2. amazing, he’s got the attitude!! nice vocals, charming boy, this song and his performance touched my heart. “All the fun today” – right, right…

  3. SWEET!!! Not only is he cute, but he is definitely talented and i hope he goes far with his talent.

  4. A Swedish Justin Bieber!
    Wow, he definitely does not look (or sound) like he could possibly be 16 years old! I agree, he looks and soundsmore like a typical 13 year old.

  5. One more thing…
    I went to the other YouTube link posted. I was surprised to hear him speaking in Swedish (obviously his first language, dumb of me) because he sings so well in English. It always amazes and impresses me when I see teens who are so fluently multi-lingual.

    1. To an extent that’s a European thing. They are much more comfortable with other languages, especially English. The Swedes and the Germans seem to a particular affinity for languages.

      And here in the U.S. we have a hard time just with English. :/

      1. Are you suggesting that americans tend to self centered and kind of dumb? How many other countries can speak ebonics and texttalk?

      2. “And here in the U.S. we have a hard time just with English.”
        After seeing the way over 80% of Americans write their comments (here and other blogs & forums), I can’t help but agree with you.

  6. Ulrik is charming, definitely talented and speaks to me. I wish I had taken that advice. It is the same I give to my younger friends… don’t waste your youth on drudgery and debt, but get out and explore and have fun… experience life and do what you want to do now. There is time enough to be a corporate slave.
    Retirement is just another way of saying… out of sight, out of mind, out of life. Blah

      1. Yes he did. I always enjoy reading Rand’y posts. Well, I’m retired but not out of life. For decades I have told the kids that I worked with “You are young only once and for such a short time. What will you do with your your young life?”

    1. He writes his own songs? =P

      Let’s just hope he doesn’t follow in Johan’s sad footsteps of trading in his developing talent for quick pop fame by releasing an album worth of crappy songs marketed to preteen girls, and destined for the bargain bin.

      1. Agreed, or that he becomes a ‘canned’ teen like Justin Bieber. JB looks like he came from a boy factory somewhere and they wind him up daily. It’s too easy for these young adults to get ‘lost’ in the music biz. It would be better if they weren’t discovered at all and sang in small venues like coffee shops, parks, parties.

        But since commercial success (and car commercials) are considered holy………

  7. he looks younger, about 13-14 … just like i like them :)… can i have one daddy?!…puweese. Too bad his voice is deeper than his looks. very good singing, and good English :)

    And about that….did u notice that kids are either starting puberty now at 8-10 or are 16-18 and look like 12? Is there something in the food now?… or in the air?….what’s up with that!?

    1. Actually, boys are entering into puberty about the same time (historically) as they always have. The Net just helps them be more savvy if so inclined. Girls OTOH, are entering into puberty at a earlier ages than historically…some as early as 9-10yrs for their first period. Scientists are at a loss, but there are a lot of theories….including the ol’ radioactive particles left over from nuclear bomb testing ‘above ground’….cows eat the grass, pass on the contamination into the milk, kids drink the milk, yadda, yadda, yadda.

  8. Here he is singing “Life” for a Swedish TV show without the cap on. This version is much better IMO. Here you can see all of him standing and the words are more clear too. He’s quite the star there. And European kids are usually fluent in several languages too.

    Sweden’s boys are the prettiest in the world.

    1. I don’t know about that…Brit boy and German boys are to die for as well. Most US gay guys absolutely adore Brit speaking guys.;-)

  9. “The kid’s got heart.” As Bob Dylan said of Kurt Cobain.

    He’s genuinely good and he’s genuinely talented and he need do nothing more than carry on doing and developing what he already is…

    Sweden is being very creative, of late.

    1. Bob Dylan and Ozzy Osbourne haven’t had a coherent thought in the last 30 yrs. Hard living, fame, life choices, drugs & booze…..

    2. Considering I flew from Dallas to London to see a boy there I would have agree with you :-P

  10. Beautiful and I guess he’s quite talented but I’ll just stick with metal music :V

    It should be illegal to have so many cute people gathered in a single country. Damn you, Sweden :P

    1. Sweden, England and Germany are hardly the only countries with so many cute boys in them. Of course, they may not always have blond hair, but I have no complaint with that. ‹(•¿•)›

  11. Long live Scandinavian boys! What a stunner Ulrik is. I’m sure the song is self-composed and the lyrics are very thoughtful, even if he needs a bit more practice hitting the high and loud notes. Yes, he does look and sound much more like a 13-14 yr old, but there are just a few lads whose voices still haven’t broken at 16. The video really brightened up my evening. (Can’t understand the fashion for thick woolly hats, though! Not flattering at all.)

    1. The hats make sense if you know how bloody cold it gets in Sweden; like decades below zero sometimes in the winters with bitter freezing wet ocean winds. Everyone wears them there.

      Did you know the first blond hair, blue eyed people came from the Scandinavian countries during the last Ice Age about 12,000 years ago, and they could be extinct as soon as 200 years from now due to impure breeding worldwide? Learned it in college.

      1. Haven’t heard that one, but have heard us redheads will die out in about 50yrs. Gingers aren’t supposed to have souls anyway, according to South Park Cartman.;-)

        1. Same here hahaha. I don’t think any genes will die out in my lifetime though, so I’m not too worried.

    1. Just listened to that video. It’s interesting, but I think he still needs considerably more harmonious voice training to be anything near a hit singer. Like many “singers” similar to him, he falls into the trap of using the music to carry the song when his voice can’t — the music is such a high volume that at several points he has to scream/shout just to “overcome” the volume of the music. When they have to do that, they lose any harmony and rhythm in combination if they had it before that point.

      But he definitely is cute. Unfortunately, that’s the same box that Justin Bieber is in — looks but not so much talent.

  12. Beautiful boy, lovely song.

    Re Jtsecret’s comment above about blond hair potentially dieing out in as little as 200 years- I am afraid that is patently nonsense as a theory- as long as blond(e) people find other blond(e) people attractive, there will be always be blonde hair. In fact- I’d suggest that as long as blonde people are considered attractive to darker haired people then blondness will be perpetuated. My father is blond and my mother is dark haired. My sisters are (were) both blonde (one died a cot death sadly)- and 4 of her 5 daughters to a dark haired man are blonde. I happen to be dark haired unfortunatlely. And there are many mixed-race families in the city where I live- and it isnt that uncommon to see mixed-race kids with blond or even red Afro hair and blue eyes.

    1. A Professor of anthropology did three lectures on it. I’m not making it up. As blonds mate with non-blonds their gene pool is reduced in the purity of their unique characteristics. They will not be extinct physically yet but the required gene pool numbers necessary to sustain their pure blond and blue nature will be reduced in 200 years to the point they can’t recover from it.

      From an anthropological standpoint the gene pool becomes extinct. Sorry I wasn’t that clear before.

      If the existing pure blond hair, blue eyed people make a concerted effort to not lose their gene pool, it can be reversed but to date that isn’t happening in the world.

      Dr. Frank Marlowe, now at:


      For the record he is a pure blond haired, blue eyed man.

      Sadly he did not publish his lecture on the subject and it was years ago when he was at Harvard.
      I will find other evidence online and share it with you soon.

      1. Still doing research; conflicting websites online.
        Damn, there is no definitive study on this subject published.
        It is a theory about the dominance of dark hair and dark eyes.

        1. I did read a French study in my search that blonds in Sweden, the nation with the most blonds, have gone down 21% since 1960 with adjustments made for the growing population there. That was the only study I found and lost the darn link. Fascinating subject however.

      2. A photo of Dr. Marlowe when he was 14 years old in 1968 is on his website. He is on the right. Very real blond hair and I know his eyes are bright blue. I tried to give the link but it won’t work here.

        1. I read that study years ago and I still find it disturbing. Although the study has been challanged I know that most blonde women prefer darker guys. Here in the U.S. white kids are often not comfortable with their caucasian heritage. To claim white pride will brand you as a racist.

        2. Tried to contact Dr. Marlowe but he is no longer at FSU.
          He is headed to DURHAM UNIVERSITY in the UK.

  13. Fantastic! Sounds amazing. Good lyrics too.
    He sure does look younger than 16 – I’d say 14-15

  14. Wow, for a 16 year old kid, Ulrik is amazingly talented & realistic about life in general and love in particular.
    I wish him all the best to follow his own path in this crazy world.
    Josh, thx for posting it. :D

  15. I’ll smack anyone who compares him to Justin Bieber!!! He’s SOOOO much better than anything that moron could come up with =)

    I could definitely see him being a major rock star someday soon =)

    LOVE Swedish musicians. Artists like this and Jonna Lee really have me convinced that they make the most beautiful music.

    1. “I’ll smack anyone who compares him to Justin Bieber!!! He’s SOOOO much better than anything that moron could come up with =)”

      Do you spank as well?;-)

  16. @ Pete: Sweden has produced many promising/successful metal bands as well! I completely agree with you on the whole Justin Bieber matter by the way. Munther could become a very good singer and I hope that’ll make him as successful as he wants to be. Mind you, not everyone can cope with the attention a guy like Bieber gets.

    This chap obviously has to learn a lot, but the sheer amount of unpolished talent is evident. He knows how to use and control his voice somewhat, even beyond the usual boring octave most pop music tends to be restricted to. It’s crude, yes, but at his age he has to get acquainted with a new voice which until now, he’s done remarkably well I dare say.

    In response to other posts (I’ve read the lot) I have to say that the Dutch are somewhat underappreciated or left out here =P, both in looks and their affinity for languages. The latter due to a culture promoting adaptation and curiosity because we’re so few in number. For instance I speak and write Dutch, English, French and German and can read/understand some Swedish, Norwegian and Afrikaans. My eyes are blue… hair’s blonde and flows down to my hips =P.

  17. But the Dutch rent boys are soooo expensive now compared with the Prague rent boys…..KIDDING!

    Actually, I shouldn’t joke about male teen prostitution, it’s a horrible trap for street youth.:-(

  18. nice boy, nice voice and very good lyrics. He’ll make his way in music business hopefully – not only in Sweden

  19. I have a Swedish heritage. I should have grown up in Sweden. Tharp is an adoptive name. I could have had boyfriends like this and Johan Palm. Why not I was a really good looking kid. Maybe in the next life. But in the next life I would want to be with Tait.

  20. Yeah I would so love to spend some time in Sweden. I would have no problem helping out with the whole blonde hair, blue eyed people going extinct thing, seeing as I have those traits. Haha he’s a cutie, talented, and pure at heart. The triple threat! Hopefully he stays level headed!

  21. Would really like to find a good mp3 of this, or a CD to buy. I really like the song, and the beautiful boy doesn’t hurt either.

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