22 thoughts on “up, up and away”

  1. Oh, but it’s right hard to remember
    That on a day like today when you’re all argumentative
    And you’ve got the face on!

  2. Very nice. Nice hair, nice eyes, nice lips, nice skin. Who is this kid and where can I find one? XD

  3. Cute hair and maybe it’s just me, but he seems like he needs to sleep just as much as that room needs cleaning .-.

    Holmes, I’ve always liked the sound of that surname :3

  4. The last two picture posts have fixated on hair and eyes and that is just fine with me when the boys are this good looking.

  5. LOL….a lot has been made of this boy’s “messy” room. C’mon, it’s pretty tame for a teen boy’s room in reality!

    There’s a cute commercial going around in the US….they pan all around the messy room of a teen boy and he’s asleep in his bed. I think it’s a car insurance commercial and the point is that this boy is ‘out there’ driving most of the time…..not sure though because I always tune out the message and just do the visual thing.;-)

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