Vacation Time

For the next ~week I’ll be off to some adventures in the land of milk & honey so the post count will go down a bit for a few days but I’ll queue up the daily picture theme days for you. See you, milkies!


25 thoughts on “Vacation Time”

  1. Hmmmm…. come to think of it, speaking of milk and honey… ARE there any foods or drinks that involve a blending together of milk and honey? Anyone know?

    1. Yeah – people have been using warm milk and honey for years as an aid to sleep. Sweet dreams! Oh, and Happy Holidays, Josh.

    2. I know its not milk and honey but I love putting Cranberry Honey and butter on toast. MMMMMMM it is sooooooo good.

    3. A great many baked goods can be made with milk and honey — think honey instead of the white granulated sugar.

    4. Some Honey on warm milk acts as both a sleep-inducer, and as an aphrodisiac. Try it out :D

        1. No, though, he is not signalling the posts. He is lining them up and they will post automatically in order.

          1. Nor is a DJ signalling records…

            He’s cued them up: got them all ready to go for when the time (to play or publish) comes.

  2. Josh is one of the Hottest Boys On Earth – please post pics of you and any new friends you meet!

  3. umm.. Israel has often been described as the land of milk and honey (biblical term) :)

  4. I know the phrase refers to Israel, but as a reader of Homestuck I can’t help but think of it as one of the lands that you go to when you enter the Medium.

      1. It’s not The Medium, either :p
        Ohh, the land of milk and honey was how the promised land was described, and the promised land was Israel. Now I get why it also refers to just generic “good place / vacation land.”

  5. Test comment, since a different comment I was trying to make keeps saying there’s a duplicate comment but it’s not showing up.

  6. Israel would be the first guess… then sweden but this time of the year? too cold…

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