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  1. Is there a reason that every single new video Troye post is shared here? I’m just curious, is he openly gay, or is he a milk boy?

    he is super cute but there are millions of other youtube boys that could be posted as well if it was just based on appearance.

    1. It might be that Josh finds Troye particularly nice to look at, something I can’t say I disagree with.

  2. I’m curious as to why it’s South Africa when he’s currently living in Oz and has lived there most all his life.

    He’s cute enough to see lots of but since he’s one of my Youtube subscribees I do see him.

    On and Fredlobo, he had his shirt off a few videos ago on his Youtube channel.

    1. Yes, but it was so brief. Had to freeze frame to… er.. verify.

      I want an entire shirt off video, darn it. Bonus points for arms over head. Pro level, for wet undies…

  3. It’s mildly entertaining, but I can’t help feeling kids today, esp those with these kind of youtube vids (this guy, that south african casper kid, charlieissocoollike etc etc and on and on) are all just attention hungry narcissists with nothing of any particular interest to say and no other topic to discuss save themselves.

    1. i think it’s more that they make videos cos theyre bored and want to make something which other people happen to want to watch. they all started with no subscribers just making stuff and got popular because people liked the stuff they were making. it therefore seems hard to differentiate between them and anyone else in the entertainment industry in that they all make stuff and people want to watch said stuff, the same can be said of pretty much any creative endevour

      1. Your post isn’t that coherent, but if this is what most people on youtube want to watch, then those people are vacuous and empty headed in the main…..no surprise there I guess.

        I suppose vacuous and empty headed can be forgiven, but I’m don’t see how they can find these types of videos anything but dull. They make poor entertainment.

  4. He is cute, but I find all his YouTube videos annoying because he’s not very original. His joke songs are just lists of pop culture references and his other “funny” videos are mostly just him reciting jokes or memes that have been on the Internet for months or years. Even the way he says bye at the end of his videos is a rip-off.

    Before the Troye fans start hating me though, I do want to say that he is talented coz he can definitely sing and act (not to mention he’s also hot). But maybe the YouTube comedy thing just isn’t for him.

  5. Can’t know for sure, but I think Troye is gay/bi. But he has not outed himself yet. I guess its because he is at a critical point as a rising star and will lose much of his fan-base as a result. That said, it will be the small-minded fan-base discarded, and the real portion retained. These things are still extremely complicated, though.
    Have you watched any of his recent videos?? There’s that lasting flicker of queer in every one of them. (Not even bieber acts this way!), but its not the disgusting and girly type of gay. Instead, he’s the slick, boyish and classy type. And my god, is it hot…
    Look at his friends – only girls! (who he has known since he was a baby, and he says each and every one of them are beautiful etc..) He doesn’t care to make any of them jealous because they probably know his secret. He’s so sweet and thoughtful. I hope this doesn’t hurt him.
    He has always been “single”, even now at SEVENTEEN!!! No pressure Troye, you’re awesome this way.
    He recognizes his gay fans, and I respect him infinitely for that. Like when he re-tweets this: https://twitter.com/RenzoTweedie/status/274492177227337728/photo/1
    and if you read the conversation, i love it when he says, “P.S, it was hardly sneaky! hahah”
    He is also recently obsessed with the boys of One Direction (not their music, the boys themselves) but you can’t blame him lol
    eg. here: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151208795508923&set=pb.18699663922.-2207520000.1354969584&type=3&theater
    and frequently finds ways to bring them up in his comments on twitter and his videos.
    He also said this about the boy Augustus:
    There’s so much to say, but I suggest that if you really want to feel confident about the answer to this question, you need to visit his twitter, youtube or facebook accounts and spend a few hours just getting a feel of his expressions, comments, thoughts and body language.
    Troye is an incredible actor, singer and one of the most extraordinary young men in a world of degenerative youth. Don’t you dare hate on him because none of you could ever come close to that talent and hard work. He’s amazing, and I’ll love him no matter what his sexual orientation turns out to be…

    1. My own fantasies aside, I just hope he is happy with his sexuality. Gay or straight.

      Now, back to my fantasies…

  6. Troyefan:

    Don’t you dare hate on him because none of you could ever come close to that talent and hard work.

    I don’t hate him, but I highly disagree with that statement. Yes he’s talented and he can sing and act. My personal thoughts are that he could use some improvement, but the fact remains that regardless of talent or hard work, it takes a fairly large amount of luck–not to mention good looks–to even get to where he is (i.e. fairly known, but not extremely well-known yet…I could be wrong though because I happen to live in the US and unfortunately people here gush more about American actors and singers than foreign ones unless they’re English…you just don’t hear much about foreigners with killer talents, i.e. Charice for example. Why not? Who knows).

    And not to sound ignorant or bashing of Troye, but the truth of it is that there are plenty of unknowns out there who happen to be just as talented–if not more so–than he is. It’s just that maybe they don’t look as nice or for whatever reason they don’t end up in the business, but that’s sadly way things are in such a competitive industry. I face the same problems in being an aspiring novelist.

    Just felt I needed to make that point, but anyway, Troye is talented and gorgeous to look at, hence why he’s featured here =)

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